Why can I not connect to a BT hotspot?

Why can I not connect to a BT hotspot?

If you’re in range of a hotspot and your device is still struggling to connect, go to the “Edit log in details” section within “Help and settings”. Re type your username and password to go through set-up again. If you’re still having trouble connecting, go to the “Help” menu and select “Leave Us Feedback”.

Why is my BT WiFi extender not connecting?

If your device often loses internet access and the extender’s Too far or a bit too far light is on, try moving the extender to another socket. If you are trying to use WPS but it doesn’t work (Too far and Too close (red) lights continue to flash), it may be that it’s incompatible with the WPS function in the extender.

How do I connect to BT Homespot?

1 Use the wireless connection software or settings on your device to display the list of available wireless networks in your area. 2 Find your hotspot in the list and select it; it’s called BTHomeSpot-XXX. 3 Enter your hotspot’s wireless key printed on the pull-out card. 4 Complete the connection on your device.

How do I reset my BT Homespot 600?

Press the Link button on the Broadband Extender for 15 seconds (until all lights go off momentarily) then press the Reset button on the Hotspot with a pin for 2 seconds (until the Wireless light goes red). Wait for 2 minutes (until the power, data and wireless lights come back on) then check the connection again.

Is BT hotspot free for BT customers?

When you join BT Wi-fi as a BT Broadband customer, your BT Hub becomes a wi-fi hotspot. In return, you get access to millions of other hotspots worldwide for free.

Is BT Wi-fi app any good?

Great app. I’ve been with BT for a while now and I recently downloaded the app on my iPad. Honestly this app is amazing and I suggest that everyone who hasn’t got it should try it because it’s a great way. You get around a few days free (I think?) and if you don’t like it just cancel the subscription.

How do I reconnect my BT wifi extender?

1 Press the WPS button on your router. 2 Press the WPS button on the extender (for 1 second) within 2 minutes. 3 Wait until the WPS light stops flashing. The extender is now configured with your hub/router, and you’re ready to find its optimum location.

How do I connect my BT internet extender?

1 Plug in the extender halfway between your hub/router and the area you wish to extend wi-fi to. 2 Give the extender 20 seconds to boot up, then the range lights will scroll back and forth while it searches and connects to your router. After about 30 seconds, the flashing will stop and the signal quality will be shown.

Where can I find my BT IP address?

Select cmd from the search results. In the black screen that comes up type in ipconfig/all and then Enter. You’ll see a screen like this. In this example, the IP address is 192.168.

How do I connect to BT Homespot 600?

How do I reset my BT Extender 600?

If your broadband extenders stop working or become unpaired, you can reset both extenders to their factory settings: 1 Make sure the broadband extender is plugged in and the power socket’s switched on. 2 Press the Link button for more than 15 seconds until the Data and Power lights go out.

How do I connect to a BT Wi-Fi hotspot?

You should look for wireless networks with names that include “BT Wi-fi”, “Openzone” or “FON”. If you see one of these, click on the name and (if necessary) click “Connect”. You’ll now be connected to the BT Wi-fi hotspot.

Is homespot hardwired to the router?

The main Homespot plug is hardwired to the router, but I can’t connect to that network when near it. The extension uses the house electricity supply with the Sky box plugged in & everything else wireless.

Why can’t I connect my Google Home to my iPhone?

It’s possible that your Google Home and iPhone are connected to networks that are unable to talk to one another. This may require a small change in your Wi-Fi settings. I’ve done all the relevant changes they suggested e.g enable uPnP and disable AP etc. But still no luck.

Do mini hotspot 500 adapters work with BT WiFi extenders?

I have two mini hotspot 500 adapters and when I set them up, I cloned them to extend our existing BT wi-fi network. All set up fine and has worked perfectly for the last 3 months. Till today…. For no apparent reason, now our wi-fi devices will not connect in the areas of the house where the extenders have the stronger signal.