Who sings with the Jonas Brothers in burnin up?

Who sings with the Jonas Brothers in burnin up?

Jonas Brothers
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Is burnin up in Camp Rock?

The music video for “Burnin’ Up” premiered after the premiere of the Disney Channel Original Movie Camp Rock on Disney Channel as well as ABC on June 21, 2008. Cameos in the video include Selena Gomez, David Carradine, Robert Davi, and Danny Trejo.

When did Burnin Up come out Jonas Brothers?

Burnin’ Up/Released

Who wrote Jonas Brothers Burning?

Nick Jonas
Joe JonasKevin Jonas
Burnin’ Up/Composers

How old is Frankie Jonas?

21 years (September 28, 2000)
Frankie Jonas/Age

What happened to Nick Jonas and the Jonas Brothers?

Nick Jonas. Their fourth studio album, while still successful on the Billboard 200 chart, saw a decline in record sales. After the Jonas Brothers confirmed a hiatus, Nick formed a new band known as Nick Jonas & the Administration, who released the album Who I Am in 2010 to moderate commercial success.

Who are Nick Jonas’parents Denise and Kevin Jonas?

Jonas was born in Dallas, Texas, the son of Denise ( née Miller) and Paul Kevin Jonas. Jonas’ father is a songwriter, musician, and former ordained minister at an Assemblies of God church, while his mother is a former sign language teacher and singer. Nick has a younger brother, Frankie, and two older brothers – Joe and Kevin.

What did Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas announce?

“Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas announces the 93rd Oscar nominations”. Times of India. Retrieved March 15, 2021. ^ Rice, Nicholas (April 30, 2021).

How old was Nick Jonas when he started acting?

Nick Jonas. Jonas began acting in theater at the age of seven, and released his debut single in 2002. He released his eponymous debut album in 2004 to little success, though it did catch the attention of Columbia Records. Jonas opted to form a band with his older brothers, Joe and Kevin, known as the Jonas Brothers.