Who is Thomas Banacek?

Who is Thomas Banacek?

Peppard plays the title character, Thomas Banacek (in keeping with the times, hardly anyone uses his first name) in a show that attempts to make insurance investigation as glamorous and exciting as the life of James Bond. It’s not entirely successful in doing so.

When did Banacek come out on TV?

Banacek is an American detective TV series starring George Peppard that aired on the NBC network from 1972 to 1974. The series was part of the rotating NBC Wednesday Mystery Movie anthology. It alternated in its time slot with several other shows, but was the only one of them to last beyond its first season.

What do you think about Banacek?

Banacek is a solid enough series, but it has one problem: Banacek himself. The character lacks charm or appeal, being arrogant and smug throughout, needlessly confrontational all to often and generally unpleasant as he puffs away on his omnipresent cigar.

What kind of character is banbanacek?

Banacek is intelligent, well-educated, cultured, and suave. An unapologetic ladies’ man who enjoys the company of beautiful women, he is also street-smart and can engage in hand-to-hand combat when the need arises; in one episode he mentions having learned combat judo in the Marine Corps.

Thomas Banacek is a clever and well-to-do freelance insurance investigator living in Boston. He makes good money by solving the most intricate and unusual mysteries, and is very proud of his Polish heritage. His contacts include his street-smart chauffeur Jay and British bookstore owner Felix. Written by Marty McKee

Where does Banacek’s car pull up in the pilot?

These scenes were then used through the series and are especially shown in the opening scenes, including Banacek rowing on the Charles River and walking through Government Center. In the pilot, Banacek’s car pulls into his Beacon Hill home, the historic Second Harrison Gray Otis House located at 85 Mount Vernon Street.

What is the Banacek chauffeur joke?

Part of the joke is that Ralph Manza, as Banacek’s chauffeur Jay Drury, will often ask “What does it mean, Boss?” Banacek also has a running agreement with his chauffeur for a 10% share of Banacek’s 10% if he solved the crime. Mr. Drury is never at a loss for a potential solution that Banacek always manages to shoot down with his very next line.

Where does Tom Banacek live now?

Banacek lives on historic Beacon Hill in Boston. While he has a limousine and driver, he also owns and sometimes drives an antique 1941 Packard convertible. Both vehicles are equipped with mobile radio telephones at a time when such devices are uncommon and expensive. Banacek is intelligent, well-educated, cultured, and suave.