Who is Abdul Kayum?

Who is Abdul Kayum?

1 March 1960) is a British Bangladeshi scholar and the chief Imam of the East London Mosque….Abdul Qayum (imam)

Sheikh Abdul Qayum
Born 1 March 1960 District of Noakhali, East Pakistan (now Bangladesh)
Citizenship British
Occupation Imam, lecturer, religious leader
Organization East London Mosque European Council for Fatwa and Research

Who is Abdul Qayyum?

Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan Niazi (Urdu: سردار عبدالقیوم خان نیازی) is Kashmiri politician from Azad Jammu and Kashmir who is currently serving as 13th prime minister of Azad Kashmir. Niazi won the recent legislative assembly election from Abbaspur-Poonch area which was held on 25 July 2021.

What was Organised by Mulla Abdul Qayyum?

Muslim League and Partition The Congress Party formed the provincial government under the premiership of Khan Abdul Jabbar Khan (popularly known as “Dr. Khan Sahib”).

Which princely state was Mulla Abdul Qayyum belonged to?

Sardar Abdul Qayyum was born on 4 April 1924 in Ghaziabad, Bagh tehsil (Poonch jagir), then part of the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir. After completing his secondary education in Jammu, he joined the Engineers Corps of the British Indian Army and served in Africa and the Middle East.

Who is the imam of East London Mosque?

Abdul Qayum

East London Mosque
Affiliation Sunni Islam
Leadership Head Imam: Abdul Qayum Senior Imam: Mohammed Mahmood Chairman: Ayub Khan Director: Dilowar Hussain Khan
Year consecrated 1985
Status active

What is the meaning of Qayyum?

A Qayyum (pronounced Qayyoom, Arabic/Urdu: قیوم) is a special spiritual position in Sufism, especially in the Naqshbandi tradition. According to him, a qayyum is a dignitary upon whom the whole order of existence depends. The word is derived from Al-Qayyum, a name of God in Islam that has the same meaning.

Who is current Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir?

Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan Niazi Khan was sworn in as the Azad Jammu and Kashmir 13th Prime Minister and leader of the House by AJK Legislative Assembly on 4th August, 2021 by a vast majority. Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan belongs to a well known political family & inherited the career from his family.

Does Afghanistan have a prime minister?

The prime minister of Afghanistan (Pashto: د افغانستان لومړی وزیر; Dari: رئیس‌الوزرای افغانستان) is a post within the cabinet of Afghanistan. The position was created in 1927 as an official appointed by the King of Afghanistan.

Who funds east London mosque?

The building cost £10.4 million, funding was provided by the London Development Agency, European Development Fund, London Borough of Tower Hamlets and Sure Start. Around £4 million was donated from members of the public.

Can you speak to an imam?

An imam may be qualified to lead the prayer or perform some other social functions in the community but may not be able to “speak” to you. If you have a question usually any knowledgeable Muslim can help you find the answer, if you want to dialogue, debate or proselytize, you probably don’t need an imam.

What does sustainer mean in Islam?

God the Sustainer is the conception of God who sustains and upholds everything in existence. Al Qayyum, sometimes rendered “The Sustainer” is one of the 99 Names of God in Islam.

What is the meaning of Sustainer?

Definitions of sustainer. someone who upholds or maintains. “they are sustainers of the idea of democracy” synonyms: maintainer, upholder. type of: admirer, booster, champion, friend, protagonist, supporter.