When was the last election held in Bihar for the Assembly?

When was the last election held in Bihar for the Assembly?

The Legislative Assembly election was held over five-phases in Bihar through October–November 2015 before the end of the tenure of the prior Legislative Assembly of Bihar on 29 November 2015.

How many seats did BJP win in Bihar Legislative Council election 2015?

They would be manned by members of the Central Armed Police Forces. In July 2015, BJP-led NDA won 13 seats (including 1 independent backed by BJP) out of 24 seats of Bihar Legislative Council election. JDU and RJD combine won 10 seats only, while 1 seat was won by an independent candidate.

Is the race for Bihar polls for caste right for campaigners too?

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What was the percentage of voter turnout in Bihar polls 2015?

2015 – 56.9%; 2010 – 52.7%; 2005 – 45.9%; 2000 – 62.6% (Assembly Polls were held twice in 2005 due to a fractured verdict.) ^ “Amit Shah sets Mission 185+ for Bihar BJP in 2015 Assembly Polls”.

How many candidates are in Nitish Kumar’s list for Bihar polls?

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How many VVPAT machines will be used in Bihar elections?

Election Commission of India announced that around 1,000 Voter-verified paper audit trail (VVPAT) machines will be used along with EVM in 36 out of the 243 assembly seats in Bihar elections, spread over 38 districts.