What roles has Leonardo DiCaprio been nominated for?

What roles has Leonardo DiCaprio been nominated for?

Will He Win Again? A Brief History of Leonardo DiCaprio and the Oscars

  • 1994, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. Nominated for: Best Supporting Actor for playing Arnie Grape, the developmentally disabled younger brother of Johnny Depp’s Gilbert.
  • 2005, The Aviator.
  • 2007, Blood Diamond.
  • 2014, The Wolf of Wall Street.

Has Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar yet?

Five years ago, Leonardo DiCaprio won his first—and only—Oscar for Best Actor (Motion Picture Drama) at the 2016 Academy Awards. He nabbed the trophy for a role as the rough-and-tumbling wilderness man Hugh Glass in 2016’s The Revenant. The moment was kinda-sorta a big one for our dear Leo.

How many times has Leo been nominated?

American actor Leonardo DiCaprio has won 101 awards from 252 nominations. He has been nominated for seven Academy Awards, five British Academy Film Awards and eleven Screen Actors Guild Awards, winning one from each of these and three Golden Globe Awards from thirteen nominations.

How many times has Harrison Ford been nominated for an Oscar?

Harrison Ford has starred in some of the most successful and acclaimed films in cinema history, including the landmark Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises and a total of eight Best Picture Oscar®-nominated movies.

How many Grammys did Leonardo DiCaprio won?

American actor Leonardo DiCaprio has won 101 awards from 252 nominations….List of awards and nominations received by Leonardo DiCaprio.

DiCaprio at the UK premiere of The Wolf of Wall Street in 2014
showAwards and nominations
Wins 101
Nominations 256

Has AR Rahman got Bharat Ratna?

Rahman received the Padma Bhushan, India’s third-highest civilian honour, in 2010. His work in 127 Hours won him Golden Globe, BAFTA, and two Academy Award nominations (Best Original Music Score and Best Original Song) in 2011. Rahman is an Honorary Fellow of the Trinity College of Music.

What awards has Leonardo DiCaprio won?

The film became a critical success, earning DiCaprio a Chicago Film Critics Association Award, a Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award, and a National Board of Review Award, as well as nominations for an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor. At 19, he became the seventh-youngest nominee in the Oscar category.

Is Leonardo DiCaprio’s’The Revenant’a brutal test for awards voters?

^ Keegan, Rebecca (November 23, 2015). “Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘The Revenant’ is a brutal test for awards voters”. Los Angeles Times.

Is Leonardo DiCaprio a’new Hollywood stardom’?

The New York Times ‘ Caryn James has credited DiCaprio for being one of the few actors to turn his success into “a new form of old-fashioned Hollywood stardom that uses celebrity to advance social causes yet rarely lets the public beyond the glittering veil of the photo op”.

How much did Leonardo DiCaprio get paid for the revenant?

To star in this film, DiCaprio agreed to a pay cut from his $20 million fee, in favor of splitting first-dollar gross points, meaning he received a percentage of cinema ticket sales. The risk paid off, as DiCaprio earned $50 million from the film, becoming his highest payday yet.