What names can ella be short for?

What names can ella be short for?

Another source indicates the name is a Norman version of the Germanic short name Alia, which was short for a variety of German names with the element ali-, meaning “other.” It is also a common short name for names starting with El-, such as Eleanor, Elizabeth, Elle, Ellen, Elaine, Ellie, or Eloise.

What names go good with Ella?

Ella works just as well with long middle names like Charlotte as it does with shorter girl’s names such as Ivy. It also makes a perfect pairing with flower names like Lily and Rose.

What names have Ella in it?

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Is Ella a popular girl name?

Ella continued to rise in popularity until its peak in 2011 and 2012 as the twelfth most popular girl name in the U.S. As of 2020, Ella is at position 15.

Is Ella a pretty name?

An endearing sister to Emma and Bella, Ella is a delicate name with worldwide appeal. She’s short and breezy with an unspoken it factor – the perfect name for a surfer girl or a Hollywood star. She isn’t frilly and frufru but is undeniably feminine, a chicer version of the grand Arabella and Isabella.

What is the full name for Ella?

Ella Girl’s name meaning, origin, and popularity A short form of Eleanor and Ellen, meaning “light.” It can also mean “beautiful fairy woman” in English, and “all” or “other” in German. Well-known Ellas: singer Ella Fitzgerald; title character in the book Ella Enchanted; Cinderella.

Is Ella a baby name?

The name Ella is primarily a female name of Spanish origin that means Young Girl. Ella is a name in itself, but can also be the short form of Eleanor. Ella may also be a Greek name when a variation of Hellas, the Greek name for Greece. In Hebrew, Ella means goddess.

Is Ella a good baby name?

Following in the path of Emma and Isabella/Bella, Ella shot up the charts in the new millennium: it rose from Number 265 in 2000 to a high of Number 15 in 2013 and has stayed just outside the US Top 10, making it one of the most popular girl names starting with E, which includes Number 1 Emma, longtime favorites Emily …

What are some popular baby girl names?

Popular foreign names for baby girls include Michelle, Deborah, Emily, Jennifer, Jasmine, Ashley, Jessica, Erika, Chanel and Sharon. Among popular names for baby boys, classic names still dominate. The top ten names are Francesco , Alessandro, Andrea, Lorenzo , Matteo, Gabriele, Mattia, Leonardo, Davide and Riccardo.

What is Ella Short for?

Ella ▲ as a girls’ name is pronounced EL-ah. It is of Old German origin, and the meaning of Ella is “other, foreign”. Originally a short form of names containing ali (compare Eleanor). Also pet form of Alice, Ellen, Elvira and Isabella. It can also derive from the German name Alja meaning “entire”.

What is the origin of the name Ella?

The name Ella is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Ella is: Abbreviation of Eleanor and Ellen: Beautiful fairy. A names begining with El or ending with ella.

What is the biblical meaning of the name Ella?

Ella means “goddess” in Hebrew. Another source proposes it as a short form of Eleanor and Ellen, which means “light.”. It can also mean “beautiful fairy woman” in English. The name is now taken as a variant of Ellen, and also a possible nickname to other names with a strong el-sound in them.