What kind of projector do I need for PowerPoint presentations?

What kind of projector do I need for PowerPoint presentations?

The Best PowerPoint Projector: 7 Projectors Reviewed

  • ViewSonic 3800 Lumens (my favorite!)
  • Luby Portable Movie Projector.
  • Epson VS250.
  • Optoma X341.
  • Epson EX7240 Pro.
  • WiMiUS Upgrade 6800Lux.
  • Optoma EH500.

How much does it cost to rent a large projector?

Large Venue projectors rent for an average of $400 per unit. Large Venue Projector rentals are available daily, weekly, and monthly. Projection screens and other equipment combinations available. Large Venue Projector rentals are either hand delivered.

Why projector is not recommended for PowerPoint?

Projectors that are not recommended for PPT presentations fall into the “low” price range. They have low lumens (brightness) and Low resolutions. Projectors such as these, were meant for low budget individuals who will use these projectors for movies and other things and need their projectors to be portable.

How do I project a PowerPoint presentation without a projector?


  1. Use Win+P keyboard shortcut to bring up the (Connect to projector) window.
  2. Click “Extend” option.
  3. In PowerPoint, open your presentation and click “Slide Show” | “Set Up Show” item, select the slide show to display on monitor 2 and check the “Show Presenter View” box, click OK.
  4. Now start slide show.

Where to rent a projector?

One option of where to rent a projector and screen for your event is to use a local A/V shop, but it would be much simpler if these items were already available for you at the site of the occasion. Book the perfect location for your meeting, workshop, or event. Peerspace is the easiest way to book locations for events.

How to rent a projector?

Rent from Reliable Store: Renting a projector is very easy. You can rent your projector through Rent a Projector London services or even online.

  • Find Best Deals and Discounts: To find the best deals,you need to look for online sources where you can rent a projector at the most affordable price.
  • Size of the Event: You should also consider the size of the event you are going to organize and decide whether the projector that you are about to buy
  • Determine the Features of Projector: Aside from this,you also need to determine the features that the projector has so that you will know whether you should purchase it
  • Offer You Necessary Accessories: Most of the time,when you start looking for the best rental services,they may also offer other services to their customers.
  • Free Installation: One good thing about the rental service provider is that they provide the projector with free installation so that you will be able to use the projector
  • Offer Refund: In addition to this,some companies offer rental services during holidays so that their clients will be able to save more money.
  • What is a power point projector?

    Projectors good for PowerPoint are marketed as “data” or “business” projectors because they are primarily intended for showing computer files, such as PowerPoint presentations. Media projectors, on the other hand, can better accommodate video.