What is the second puzzle in Reachwater Rock?

What is the second puzzle in Reachwater Rock?

Follow the corridor through the now open four doors to a second puzzle door. This door is opened using the ivory dragon claw found in Folgunthur during the quest; the correct combination is Eagle—Eagle—Dragon.

What is the pattern for the door in Folgunthur?

Standing in front of the huge stone gate, you need its combination. Look at the Ivory Dragon Claw in the inventory to get the combination (top to bottom): Hawk, Hawk, Dragon.

What claw opens Reachwater rock?

Unlocking the door with the Emerald Dragon Claw (Bear, Whale, Snake) will cause three other doors to unlock behind it and drop down, making an expansive hallway. At the end of the hall (there are no enemies or traps), the last door can be unlocked with the Ivory Dragon Claw (Hawk, Hawk, Dragon).

How do you get into Karthspire?

Karthspire is best reached via fast traveling or taking the carriage to Markarth. Karthspire itself is a cave that is swarming with Forsworn, just like the adjacent Forsworn camp. Karthspire sort of serves as the lobby to the Sky Haven Temple.

Where is Daynas Valen in Skyrim?

Daynas Valen can be found at the very edge of the second floor ledge, but isn’t in any condition to give you useful information. However, his notes will do just fine.

What claw opens Reachwater Rock?

What Dragon Claw is needed for Reachwater Rock?

Ivory Dragon Claw
Overview. Note that to enter this cave, you must have all three Gauldur Fragments, as well as the Ivory Dragon Claw from Folgunthur, as part of the Forbidden Legend quest, started by reading the Lost Legends book.

How do you reforge the Gauldur amulet in Skyrim?

Reforge the Gauldur Amulet Insert the claw in the keyhole and the door will open, along with three similar doors further ahead. Inside is yet another claw door, this time using the combination of the Ivory Dragon Claw: Hawk, Hawk, Dragon (again, from the top down).