What is the meaning of daunting?

What is the meaning of daunting?

: tending to make people afraid or less confident : very difficult to do or deal with. See the full definition for daunting in the English Language Learners Dictionary. daunting. adjective. daunt·​ing | \ ˈdȯn-tiŋ \

How do you use daunting in a sentence?

Daunting sentence example

  1. As our activities grew, the task became more daunting .
  2. He sat, petting her, thinking how unreal this all seemed, but at the same time celebrated that they had overcome their most daunting hardship.
  3. The final, however, was a more daunting prospect.

Is daunt a verb or noun?

to make someone feel nervous and less confident about doing something synonym intimidate She was a brave woman but she felt daunted by the task ahead. adjective synonym intimidating She has the daunting task of cooking for 20 people every day.

Is daunted an adjective?

Daunt means to intimidate. People who are intimidated in such a way can be described with the adjective daunted. An even more commonly used adjective is daunting, which comes from the continuous tense (the -ing form) of daunt.

Is dauntingly a word?

dauntingly adverb – Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes | Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary at OxfordLearnersDictionaries.com.

What does daunting challenge mean?

Something that is daunting makes you feel slightly afraid or worried about dealing with it.

Is daunting a feeling?

How do you use ebullient in a sentence?

Examples of ‘ebullient’ in a sentence ebullient

  1. He is an effusive and ebullient man in a jacket and tie.
  2. The reason for his ebullient mood may not be hard to discern.
  3. He seems to be in a particularly ebullient mood.
  4. Quick wit, ebullient character and an unusual degree of thoughtfulness encourages loyalty.

Can daunt be a noun?

The characteristic of being dauntless; fearlessness.

Is self efficacious a word?

Meaning of self-efficacy in English. a person’s belief that they can be successful when carrying out a particular task : Perceived self-efficacy refers to people’s beliefs about their capabilities to exercise control over their own activities.

What does the word blood curdling mean?

Definition of bloodcurdling : arousing fright or horror bloodcurdling screams.

What does daunting mean in the Bible?

adjective. causing fear or discouragement; intimidating.

How to use “daunting” in a sentence?

Still,if her fears were justified,the situation was daunting and she might need all her courage.

  • These disadvantages,instead of daunting the young pastor,seemed only to stimulate his ardor.
  • Again the boy was alone with the daunting forces of the dark in its grimmest and most terrifying mood.
  • What does the word daunting mean?

    Learner’s definition of DAUNTING. [more daunting; most daunting] somewhat formal. : tending to make people afraid or less confident : very difficult to do or deal with. a daunting [=intimidating, overwhelming] task. Few things are more daunting than having to speak in front of a large crowd. Shakespeare’s plays can be daunting for a young reader.

    What does “daunting prospect” mean?

    Seeming difficult to deal with in prospect; intimidating. ‘The sight of the massive queue must have been daunting, but you dealt with the situation magnificently.’ ‘Don’t let yourself be put off, however, by the daunting prospect of a 79-mile walk.’ ‘Stepping on court against a four-year-old shouldn’t be a daunting prospect.’