What is the G-325A form?

What is the G-325A form?

Use this form to provide biographic information when submitting a request for deferred action to USCIS.

Who needs to fill out the g325a form?

Both your petitioner (i.e. spouse or relative with lawful permanent status (a green card) or U.S. citizenship) and you will need to fill out form G-325A if you are filing Form I-130, but only you will need to do so if you’re adjusting permanent status via Form I-485.

How do I fill out a G-325A form?

How to complete Form G-325A

  1. Family name.
  2. First name.
  3. Middle name (if applicable)
  4. Gender.
  5. Date of birth – entered in mm/dd/yyyy format; for example, a birthdate of May 1, 1981 would be entered as 05/01/1981.
  6. Citizenship/nationality.
  7. File number – Alien Registration Number, or “A-number” (if applicable)

Does I-485 need G-325A?

With the 2017 editions of Form I-129F, Form I-130, and Form I-485, USCIS no longer requires Form G-325A. The biographic information questions that were a part of form are now integrated with these petitions/applications.

Is G-325A required for I-485?

What is form g-325a and how to fill it out?

For starters, Form G-325a is an important USCIS form that is used to collect biographical information of the applicant. However, it is used just as a supplemental form in special cases, depending on the immigration benefit being applying for.

How many g-325a do I need for my spouse?

You should provide one G-325A for your spouse and two for yourself (to go with each of the I-130 and I-485). You will need one passport sized photo of your spouse and a total of seven for yourself (one to go with the G-325A, two to go with the I-485, and two to go with each of the I-765 and I-131).

What is the difference between form g-325a and I-130?

Since early 2017, form G-325a is replaced by form I-130 if you are petitioning for an alien relative. As the spouse of the applicant, you need to file a petition by submitting form I-130 which provides the supplemental information for a spouse beneficiary.

Can I bring my fiance to the US without a g-325a?

If you want to bring your children and fiancé to the U.S. so you can marry her/him in the U.S., you no longer need to submit G-325a, form I-129F serves the same purpose now. Since early 2017, form G-325a is replaced by form I-130 if you are petitioning for an alien relative.