What is the difference between REO and bank-owned?

What is the difference between REO and bank-owned?

Bank-Owned Property Within the foreclosure process, a time frame exists after which the ownership of the property reverts to the lender. If the property doesn’t sell, it becomes a bank-owned or real estate owned property, often referred to as REO properties. Bank-owned properties are typically sold “as is.”

How do you go about buying a foreclosed home?

The traditional way to buy a foreclosed home is at a real estate auction. At an auction, third-party trustees run a sale of homes that banks or lenders have taken ownership of after the original homeowners defaulted on their mortgage loans. Buyers can purchase a home quickly (and often for a low price) at an auction.

Do banks lose money on foreclosures?

The question of whether a bank makes more money on a foreclosure than a short sale depends mostly on the individual bank or investors. As a result, the bank automatically loses money on it.

What does BB stand for?

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Will the BB share price appreciate?

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