What is Swan Hill known for?

What is Swan Hill known for?

DISCOVER THE SWAN HILL REGION Just three and a half hours north-west from Melbourne and five and a half hours from Adelaide, our region is renowned for its Murray River location, its fresh local produce, sprawling landscapes, Australian native wildlife and Aboriginal heritage.

Why is it called Swan Hill?

In 1836 the first Europeans to visit the region were led by the explorer Major Thomas Mitchell, who was seeking new areas for settlement. He named Swan Hill after a sleepless night camped on a rise near a flock of noisy swans.

Is Swan Hill a good place to live?

Nestled on the banks of the Murray River and bathed in sunshine, the region enjoys a Mediterranean climate with low humidity and high sunlight hours. These same attributes added to the strong sense of community and range of community facilities has led to the region being regarded as a great place to live.

Who found Swan Hill?

The site was named in the 1830s by the explorer Thomas (later Sir Thomas) Mitchell, who was kept sleepless there by the calls of swans. Settled in 1846 by sheepherders, the community prospered as a river port during the paddle-steamer era. Swan Hill became a shire in 1893, a borough in 1939, and a city in 1965.

What is there to do in Swan Hill today?

Things to Do Swan Hill

  • Giant Murray Cod. At the Swan Hill railway station, you can’t miss the blue fibreglass sculpture of a giant Murray Cod.
  • Pioneer Settlement.
  • PS Pyap.
  • Heartbeat of the Murray.
  • Olson Game Birds.
  • Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery.
  • Pint Size Play.

What is the population of Swan Hill 2020?

Home to 20,534 people, Swan Hill supports 9,126 jobs and has an annual economic output of $2.964 billion.

What state is Swan Hill in?

VictoriaSwan Hill / State

Is Swan Hill safe?

We are located on the majestic Murray River, around 3.5 hours from Melbourne. Swan Hill is a safe place where you will be greeted with a warm smile from our friendly local community.

What is it like living in Swan Hill?

With more sunny days per year than the Gold Coast, and a temperature that averages 23 degrees, the Swan Hill Region is a natural choice for lovers of sunshine, nature and good food and wine, with many outdoor and water activities to keep you active – no matter the season.

What is near Swan Hill?

Top 6 things to do in Swan Hill

  • Heartbeat of the Murray. Set on the banks of the Little Murray River, the world-class Heartbeat of the Murray is a…
  • Pioneer Settlement.
  • Lake Boga Flying Boat Museum.
  • Murray Downs Golf and Country Club.
  • PS Pyap.
  • Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery.

What LGA is Swan Hill?

The Rural City is named after the main urban settlement lying in the south-east of the LGA, that is Swan Hill, which is also the LGA’s most populous urban centre with a population of 10,431….Rural City of Swan Hill.

Rural City of Swan Hill Victoria
Gazetted 20 January 1995
Area 6,115 km2 (2,361.0 sq mi)
Mayor Ann Young
Council seat Swan Hill

What is the population of Shepparton?

129,971 people
In the 2016 Census, there were 129,971 people in Shepparton (Statistical Area Level 4). Of these 49.6% were male and 50.4% were female. Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people made up 2.7% of the population. The median age of people in Shepparton (Statistical Area Level 4) was 43 years.

Why choose Swan Hill College?

At Swan Hill College we work together to achieve excellence and have high expectations of behaviour to create an environment which promotes individual academic and social growth. It is our shared goal that students leave the College as capable young adults ready for the challenges and the possibilities ahead of them.

What is the history of Swan Hill?

Swan Hill is located on the Murray River, between Robinvale and Kerang. In the early 1850s, a wharf on the Murray River was built and Swan Hill became one of the region’s major inland river trading ports.

Where are the best places to visit in Swan Hill?

Swan Hill Region Information Centre Went in to check out the souvenirs and to find out whether there were any restaurants or pubs to go to for dinner whe… 3. Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery 4. Giant Murray Cod 5. Barry Stegall Park 6. Little Murray River 7. Two Vintage Sisters 8. George Lay Park 9. Swan Hill Trotting Club 10.

Where are the best golf courses near Swan Hill?

Just 5km north of Swan Hill is the outstanding Murray Downs Resort and Golf Club. Complete with gum trees, artificial lakes, sleek greens and a challenging layout, it is regarded as one of the best resort courses on the Murray.