What is S in macroeconomics?

What is S in macroeconomics?

S. Savings (nominal, per capita) s. Savings rate.

What is Z in macroeconomics?

Z refers to the demand for goods, Y to the production of goods, Y = Z will be an equilibrium condition. ‘Goods’ is meant to include services. To develop a model of aggregate behavior, we will make some simplifying assumptions. Introduction to Macroeconomics.

What is N in macroeconomics?

n: Population growth rate. p: Relative price of nontraded goods.

What is K Bar economics?

k = K/L. Output per person is thus the product of two terms. The first is the productivity parameter A(bar). Recall that a higher value of A(bar) means the economy is more productive. The second term, k^(1/3), is capital per person raised to the power 1/3.

What is K in economics?

In economic models, K is commonly used to represent “capital.” This is presumably due to the fact that German for capital is “kapital,” and also to the fact the C is more commonly used to represent consumption.

What is NX in economics?

The net exports formula subtracts total exports from total imports (NX = Exports − Imports). The goods and services that an economy makes that are exported to other countries, less the imports that are purchased by domestic consumers, represent a country’s net exports.

What is r economics?

R is a statistical package and mathematical programming language. Unlike Stata, SAS, SPSS, Matlab and other statistical packages, it is totally open source. Unlike Excel, in R you can easily write scripts that make your analysis reproducible.

What is an universal symbol?

The circle is a universal symbol with extensive meaning. It represents the notions of totality, wholeness, original perfection, the Self, the infinite, eternity, timelessness, all cyclic movement.

What do statistical symbols mean?

The symbol ‘σ’ represents the population standard deviation. The term ‘sqrt’ used in this statistical formula denotes square root. The term ‘Σ ( Xi – μ )2’ used in the statistical formula represents the sum of the squared deviations of the scores from their population mean.

What is the abbreviation for economy?

Economy abbreviated 5. ECON Economy. Technology, Aircraft, Aviation, Airway 3. Econ. economy 1. E Economy. US, Government, Administration, Control 0. EC economy