What is R0 R1 R2 resection?

What is R0 R1 R2 resection?

R0 corresponds to resection for cure or complete remission. R1 to microscopic residual tumor, R2 to macroscopic residual tumor. The R classification takes into account clinical and pathological findings. A reliable classification requires the pathological examination of resection margins.

What is RO in cancer staging?

The tumor status following treatment is described by the residual tumor (R) classification: R0, no residual tumor; R1, microscopic residual tumor; R2, macroscopic residual tumor. Residual tumor may be found in the area of primary tumor and its regional lymph nodes and/or at distant sites.

What is R0 in pancreatic cancer?

Current-R0 was defined as no evidence of tumor cells at any of the resection margins on pathological examination of the resected specimen. Revised-R0 was defined as any resection margin of >1 mm.

What is negative resection margins?

Listen to pronunciation. (MAR-jin) The edge or border of the tissue removed in cancer surgery. The margin is described as negative or clean when the pathologist finds no cancer cells at the edge of the tissue, suggesting that all of the cancer has been removed.

What is a wide margin resection?

Rationale. The purpose of melanoma wide local excision (WLE) is to obtain local control by removing the primary tumor as well as the local at-risk subcutaneous lymphatics. The margin is measured circumferentially at the level of the skin from either residual gross tumor and/or the previous biopsy scar.

What does T3 in cancer mean?

T3 means the tumour has grown into the outer lining of the bowel wall but has not grown through it. T4 is split into 2 stages, T4a and T4b: T4a means the tumour has grown through the outer lining of the bowel wall and has spread into the tissue layer (peritoneum) covering the organs in the tummy (abdomen)

What is R1 resection?

R0 resection indicates a microscopically margin-negative resection, in which no gross or microscopic tumor remains in the primary tumor bed. R1 resection indicates the removal of all macroscopic disease, but microscopic margins are positive for tumor.

What does viable tumor diameter mean?

The diameter of the portion of the tumor mass that is capable of growth, proliferation and metastasis. (NCI Thesaurus) A unit of cell concentration expressed as the number of viable cells per femur. Capable of life or normal growth and development.

What is the procedure for colon resection?

Large bowel resection is surgery to remove all or part of your large bowel. This surgery is also called colectomy. The large bowel is also called the large intestine or colon. Removal of the entire colon and the rectum is called a proctocolectomy.

What is cervical resection?

Posterior cervical intramedullary tumor resection is the removal of a mass in your cervical spine by going through the tissue at the back of your neck. Often the surgeon needs to remove the back portion of your spine called the lamina, in order to get to the tumor.