What is Mompe?

What is Mompe?

Baggy working trousers worn in Japan, especially by women.

What are Monpe pants?

Monpe is a pair of work pants for women and a sort of “hakama” (a formal divided skirt for men) in Japan. They’re characterized by loose-fitting waistline and drawstring hem around ankles, and suitable for activities as one can tuck in one’s hem of kimono or outerwear.

What are Suteteko pants?

Suteteko are Japanese Traditional pants worn as underwear for Kimono and Yukata. Their purpose is to protect the Kimono (or Yukata) fabric from dirt and sweat, and to help it slip smoothly on your legs. Cool in summer and warm in winter, it is an all-seasons item.

What is a Susoyoke?

A susoyoke is a skirt-type undergarment for a kimono, used by women. For your information, men use a momohiki or a fundoshi.

Are hanten warm?

People often use them with casual wear, or even pajamas, due to the versatility of the piece. In Japan, many homes do not have central heating, so a hanten, which is warming but not bulky, is the perfect outfit accessory to stave off high electricity bills.

What is the difference between haori and kimono?

The main difference is that while the kimono is a floor-length robe, the haori is a jacket worn on top. Traditionally, the haori was a male garment, and women did not wear it until around 1985 (Dees 103).

What nationality is jinbei?

Jinbe’s real life nationality would be be Indian. Jinbe’s suited flower is Peony. Jinbe’s suited prefecture is Kagoshima.

Can you wear jinbei outside?

The great thing about Jinbei is that they pass both as pajamas and as casual wear that can be worn outside the house.

What is a Koshihimo?

Why We Love It Koshihimo are thin belts that are used to keep a kimono tightly tied together. Traditionally they are simple strips of cotton or silk fabric, which can come loose after a while, and can be uncomfortable if worn too tight.