What is internet fair usage policy?

What is internet fair usage policy?

Fair usage policies limit the usage of one user over another at peak times so that the performance is not affected for the rest of the group. Providers tend to group people according to usage, so people who download all the time are grouped together.

Does PLDT can see my browsing history?

Yes, definitely. A WiFi owner can see what websites you visit while using WiFi as well as the things that you search on the Internet.

Is PLDT Plan 1299 Unlimited?

PLDT Wifi Plans 2020 The Unli Fibr 1299 plan gives you unlimited Internet with speeds up to 10Mbps and a free landline. Best suited for work-from-home professionals who need faster connections.

Can PLDT see my incognito history?

While browsing the internet in incognito mode, your IP address and browsing history is still visible to other sites, as well as your ISP. There are little to no advanced security functions in incognito mode, and using it won’t safeguard your digital footprint.

What happens if you go over fair usage policy?

Exceeding the Fair Usage amount can incur additional charges and it can result in reduced speeds. Aptus’ Fair Use policy states that there is a slowdown in your high-speed internet performance when the daily use amount is exceeded. However, there are no extra charges.

How do I clear my PLDT router history?

Log into your browser and click Advanced > System > System Log > Clear System Log to delete your router history.

Can your parents see your Internet history on the bill?

So the answer is: No. You parents cannot see your search history on a WiFi bill since there is no search history listed there. But, the Wifi router logs your search history and WiFi owner can check your visited websites there.

How many Mbps is PLDT 999?

PLDT Home DSL Plan 999 – Basic 1 Mbps Unlimited Internet.

How many Mbps is PLDT Plan 1299?

This plan will provide speeds of up to 3 Mbps of unlimited DSL connection for the entire family.

Is 300 GB internet enough?

If you watch standard definition Netflix movies at the “Good Quality” setting (adjustable in each app’s Video Settings) that 300 GB translates to 1000 hours of viewing. If set to stream in “Best Quality,” Netflix will deliver 300 hours of movies and TV shows in standard definition or 130 Hours in High Definition.