What is a synonym for expect?

What is a synonym for expect?

In this page you can discover 49 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for expect, like: foresee, guess, assume, envision, suspect, anticipate, look-forward-to, require, lose faith in, hope for and demand.

What does it mean to expect something?

expected; expecting; expects. Essential Meaning of expect. 1 : to think that something will probably or certainly happen We expect (that) the economy will improve. = We expect the economy to improve.

What’s the word for when you expect something to happen?

anticipate. verb. to think that something will probably happen.

What is a synonym for expected?

What is another word for to be expected?

unsurprising foreseeable
predicted anticipated
awaited expected
forecast foreseen
likely logical

What are you expecting synonym?


  • anticipant.
  • anticipating.
  • anticipatory.
  • awaiting.
  • expecting.
  • hopeful.

Does expect mean require?

expectverb. To consider obligatory or required. expectverb. To consider reasonably due. You are expected to get the task done by the end of next week.

What is difference between expect and except?

Except is usually used as a preposition or conjunction, which means not including. For example: “I teach every day except Sundays.” Expect is a verb, which we use when we think something is likely to happen, or someone is likely to do or be something in particular.

What is it called when you think something?

Macmillan: delusion. NOUN. 2 [UNCOUNTABLE] MEDICAL a mental condition in which you believe things that are not true.

What is the opposite of expect?

Opposite of to expect or foresee the future occurrence of something. doubt. question.

Are you expecting means?

If you are expecting something or someone, you believe that they will be delivered to you or come to you soon, often because this has been arranged earlier.

How do you use expected?

Expected sentence example

  1. I am a patient person by nature and fully expected to later take them one or two at a time.
  2. He expected to be punished.
  3. This is what I expected from you–I knew your kindness!
  4. The last was a thought he never expected to have.
  5. If he expected a chuckle, he was disappointed.