Is rTorrent the same as ruTorrent?

Is rTorrent the same as ruTorrent?

ruTorrent is a PHP frontend/web interface to rTorrent (a console based BitTorrent client). It uses rTorrent’s built-in XML-RPC server to communicate with it. It is lightweight, highly extensible, and is designed to look similar to uTorrent.

What is Electorrent?

Electorrent is a 64-bit desktop remote control client for µTorrent, qBittorrent, rTorrent & Transmission. With Electorrent, there’s no longer a need to copy and paste magnet links or upload torrent files through a web interface. You can also remote control your NAS, VPS, seedbox, and more.

How do I set up ruTorrent?

Install rTorrent + ruTorrent

  1. Install ubuntu server 16.04. We will use Ubuntu Server as OS for this install as this will run headless.
  2. Install Rtorrent.
  3. Install Apache + PHP 7.
  4. INSTALL packages for plugins.
  5. Create .rtorrent.rc.
  6. Configure some basic settings.
  7. Restart Apache2.
  8. Install Screen.

How do I start Autodl irssi?


  1. SSH into your server.
  2. Start irssi with the command irssi.
  3. Create a new hidden window. / window new hidden.
  4. Name that window “autodl”. / window name autodl.
  5. Move the new window to position 2. / window move 2.
  6. Save the layout. / layout save.
  7. Save all settings. / save.
  8. Exit irssi. / exit.

How do I add plugins to ruTorrent?

Plugins can be added to ruTorrent simply by adding its directory to ruTorrent’s plugins directory. This is possible in a number of ways, but the easiest is SSH. Since plugins are self-contained in their own directories, you can also just upload this to ruTorrent’s plugin directory.

What is qBittorrent NOX?

qBittorrent-nox is an advanced command-line Bittorrent client written in C++ / Qt using the libtorrent-rasterbar library by Arvid Norberg. qBittorrent-nox aims to be a good alternative to other command line bittorrent clients and provides features similar to popular graphical clients.

How do I install RuTorrent on Windows?

So all you need to do is pull those containers and install. If you are ready, open Docker command prompt and get ready to setup RuTorrent in Docker….Install RuTorrent using Docker

  1. RuTorrent Pull Command.
  2. Set RuTorrent Configuration Parameters in Docker.
  3. Start and Stop RuTorrent Container in Docker.

How do I exit Rtorrent?

rTorrent is a command-line torrent application….Main view.

Shortcut Description
1 – 7 Change view
^S Start download
^D Stop download (or remove stopped)
^K Close a torrent

How do you use rutor?

Rutor Tablet should be taken as directed by your doctor. Swallow it as a whole with a glass of water after a meal. Do not break, cut, or chew the medicine. It is recommended that you take it at a fix.

What is the autodl-irssi plugin?

This plugin is installed on top of a ruTorrent client that can automatically load and process the torrent files that autodl-irssi will grab and works in over 44 trackers.

What is “autodl-Irssi”?

Autodl-irssi is a plugin for irssi that monitors IRC torrent announcement channels, automatically downloads torrents based on a pre-defined filter, and sends the torrents to a remote ruTorrent client. Although “autodl-irssi” is already installed in ruTorrent from Rapidseedbox’s seedboxes, you might want to learn how to install it from scratch.

Can I edit my autodl-irssi and rutorrent settings?

Your autodl-irssi and ruTorrent are preconfigured, so the default settings on this tab need to be left untouched. No editing can be done here.

How to download torrents with autodl-Irssi?

Go to “Add Torrent,” (the globe icon), under the “Torrent URL” field, write down the “download link.” The file will start to download. 9.4 Auto-download torrents with Autodl-irssi.