Is Project Angel Food legit?

Is Project Angel Food legit?

Mission: Project Angel Food prepares and delivers healthy meals to feed people impacted by serious illness, bringing comfort and hope every day. Project Angel Food is a 501(c)(3) organization, with an IRS ruling year of 1992, and donations are tax-deductible.

Who owns Project Angel Food?

Marianne Williamson

Project Angel Food
Founded 1989
Key people Founder Marianne Williamson Executive Director Richard Ayoub Chairman of the Board Bobby Ralston Former Executive Director John Giles
Revenue $3,777,846
Employees 55

Is there anything like Angel Food Ministries?

OneHarvest Food Ministries is a faith based, non-denominational non-profit. They will assist people from all parts of the country they operate in, regardless of religion and other factors. Families, individuals, and seniors can all save a substantial amount of money from buying quality, cheap food from them.

What is angel food cake made of?

Angel food cake is a low fat cake recipe made mostly from egg whites, cake flour, and sugar. It’s pristine white on the inside with a chewy light brown crumb around the exterior. What it lacks in butter makes up for in texture. This tall, tender, and timeless cake has a cloud-like crumb and ultra light flavor.

Why is there a hole in angel food cake?

Angel food cake is usually baked in a tube pan, a tall, round pan with a tube up the centre that leaves a hole in the middle of the cake. The center tube allows the cake batter to rise higher by ‘clinging’ to all sides of the pan. The angel food cake pan should not be greased, unlike pans used to prepare other cakes.

What do you know about Project Angel Food?

Project Angel Food is such a great place. They prepare meals in packages and partner with other organizations to deliver them to people who are house-bound due to health issues or are otherwise in need for meals. My exposure to them has been on the volunteer side.  I’ve organized groups from my place of work to volunteer here.

What is Project Angel Food’s CHF pilot program?

Project Angel Food is launching a new state pilot program to benefit low income Californians with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) in April 2018. Governor Jerry Brown funded the first year of the three-year $6 million pilot program to prove our medically tailored meals can reduce health care costs for Medi-Cal recipients.

How much did the Angel Awards cost in 2014?

The Angel Awards is the programs’ largest annual fundraiser, reportedly netting over $515,000 at the 2014 gala. The 2014 dinner, hosted by Sharon Stone, featured the presentation of the inaugural Elizabeth Taylor Leadership Award to philanthropist Aileen Getty.

Where was Project Angel Food honored for World AIDS Day?

Project Angel Food was honored for World AIDS Day by The Wall Las Memorias at their Honoring Caregivers Event on Sunday, November 28, at Hollywood United Methodist Church in Hollywood. The organizatio No items found. No items found. No items found.