Is KFC rat meat?

Is KFC rat meat?

The man who said he was served a deep fried piece of rat instead of chicken at a California KFC is being called a liar by the company, following a DNA test of the meat. Now the results are in and DNA tests confirmed the product was chicken and not a rat as the customer claimed, according to KFC.

What fryer does KFC use?

Winston Foodservice, makers of Collectramatic® Fryers and CVap® Holding Cabinets, has been a KFC partner for over 50 years. We’re proud to help KFC operators around the globe to serve the world’s best fried chicken.

Can you eat rat?

In fact, in some places around the world, rats are considered a delicious delicacy. The rat’s tail and feet are particularly appreciated for their taste, says Victor Benno Meyer-Rochow, at Oulu University, Finland, who interviewed several members of the Adi tribe for a recent study into rats as a food resource.

What smell do rats hate?

Among the smells that rats hate are chemical odors such as the smell of naphthalene, the stench of rat predators like cats, raccoons, and ferrets, as well as several natural scents such as the smell of citronella, peppermint and eucalyptus oils.

Can mice get through chicken wire?

They can chew through many things, including chicken wire, as well as squeeze through the openings. Chicken wire is a great protection from large predators, but if you have a rat problem, you will need more than just wire to stop them. Steel is about the only thing rats cannot chew through.

How much is a 10 piece family bucket from KFC?

KFC Menu Prices and Price List UK 2022

KFC Prices UK 2021
Includes Chicken, Fries & Drink
KFC Sharing Buckets
Family Feast – 6 Pieces 13.99
Family Feast – 10 Pieces 16.99