How to land your first clients as a freelance writer

How to land your first clients as a freelance writer?

Are you fed up with getting up early to get to work every morning? Would you like to work with a cup of coffee wherever you may be? If your writing skills are good enough, stay tuned.

High-qualified writers are worth their weights in gold nowadays as Internet resources require new content every waking moment. And this is when your writing skills can come in handy.

Apparently, the freelance job has many benefits: you are the one who sets up payment for your work as you are your own boss, not to mention flexible hours. Though, there are some personal qualities and skills you are required to have to get a remote job. Except for literacy, writing skills, responsibility and diligence, you also need to:

  • Have time-management skills;
  • Be able to finish work in time;
  • Have a good space to work;
  • Be able to focus attention on work at home.

So, if you are ready to seek freelance academic writing jobs online , you need to get clients, right? And you might be a bit confused about where you can find them and offer your services. Here are some tips on landing your first customers.

Look into adverts on websites for job search

Perhaps your best shot at finding the clients is responding to adverts on job boards. There you’ll be able to find one-time tasks as well as regular customers. This is actually the main resource where beginners find them.

Sometimes a fee is already set up by a client and in some cases, you are free to do it by yourself.

The job boards are divided into two categories: paid and free, but in fact, you don’t have to use paid ones because it is possible to find a decent gig at free ones.

Keep tabs on social media of job boards

You might be surprised when you find out that social media is a mother lode for finding gigs, but it’s true. Following their profiles is an easy and way to land a job as a writer and to find out all the necessary details.

Don’t be shy to ask around

This tip might seem useless for the first sight, but – who knows? Maybe someone on your relatives needs to write an advert for a family business or to compose an effective resume. Usually, it never hurts to ask.

Find the clients by yourself and contact them directly

This process is called “cold pitching”. In fact, it not that hard – just start seeking for budding businessmen, start-ups, bloggers or something like that and offer them your help in the growing their business.

Firstly, you need to identify such a promising business and figure out how well they have settled online. If they don’t have a blog, a website or an Instagram account, this is exactly the thing that you can help with. And then you should send a message, where you give contact details, tell how you learnt about them and offer your services.

Try warm pitching

While cold pitching is a direct way to find and contact customers, warm pitching is an indirect one. It lies in building working relationships with companies or brands. Start with following their web-pages and reposting or responding to their posts. The best idea is to be blunt and just say who you are and offer your services. One day you are likely to be noticed.

Visit local design firms or printing offices

This is literally one of the fastest and easiest ways to get a steady job as a writer. You should preferably visit website design companies because they are the ones who constantly need content.

Create your own website

Surely it doesn’t seem useful if you are just a beginner and are not completely certain in this job, but you can start a blog about in social media as an alternative. Blogging about your job may raise the number of your potential customers, unless, of course, you don’t forget to leave a link to hire you. But it is still advisable to set up a website in the future.

Obviously, that is not all ways to find a remote job, but hopefully, these tips will be useful in search of work.