How old is Andrea Bocelli?

How old is Andrea Bocelli?

Andrea Bocelli OMRI OMDSM ( Italian pronunciation: [anˈdrɛːa boˈtʃɛlli]; born 22 September 1958) is an Italian opera singer, songwriter, and record producer.

How did Andrea Bocelli go blind?

Andrea Bocelli OMRI OMDSM (Italian: [anˈdreːa boˈtʃɛlli]; born 22 September 1958) is an Italian opera tenor and multi-instrumentalist. [2] [3] He was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma at 5 months old, and became completely blind at age 12, following a football accident.

How did Andrea Bocelli meet Pavarotti and Fornaciari?

Through Fornaciari, Bocelli met Pavarotti and later accompanied Fornaciari on a European tour. He released his first studio album, ‘Il Mare Calmo della Sera’, in 1994. Since then, he has put out 14 more studio albums, three greatest hits albums, and nine complete operas.

Who honors Andrea Bocelli at La Italia Film Festival?

“L.A. Italia Film, Fashion and Art Fest honors tenor Andrea Bocelli and producer David Foster”. Los Angeles Times. Archived from the original on 18 December 2013. Retrieved 10 December 2013.

Why does Andrea Bocelli Live in alpemare?

Because Alpemare is Bocelli’s main residence when he’s not touring, it was of utmost importance to create an ambiance that was both comforting and familial. “I am very attached to this house. I feel that it resembles me,” he says.

What awards did Andrea Bocelli win in 2008?

On 20 January 2008, Bocelli received the Italian TV award Telegatto in platinum for Italian music in the world, in Rome. He sang “La voce del silenzio” – “The voice of silence” – and “Dare to Live” during the ceremony. Bocelli with his then fiancée Veronica Berti in Tokyo, Japan, during his 2008 Asian Tour.

Where did Andrea Bocelli perform in Tuscany?

Vivere Live in Tuscany is a DVD/Blu-ray Disc of a pop concert by classical Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli, following the release of his greatest hits album The Best of Andrea Bocelli: Vivere. The concert was performed at Bocelli’s Teatro del Silenzio in Lajatico, Tuscany, July 5, 2007.

What instrument did Andrea Bocelli learn first?

Born on September 22, 1958, in Lajatico, Italy, Andrea Bocelli became interested in music at an early age. He was only six years old when he began studying piano. He later learned flute and saxophone, and was often asked to sing at family gatherings and at school.

How did Andrea Bocelli get his start in singing?

His nanny Oriana gave him the first record of Franco Corelli, and he began to show interest in pursuing the career of a tenor. By age 7, he was able to recognize the famous voices of the time and tried to emulate the great singers. At age 12, Bocelli lost his sight completely following an accident during a football game.

Did Andrea Bocelli ever perform White Christmas Live?

In the United States, Bocelli made a number of high-profile TV appearances. He first performed “White Christmas” at the 83rd annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, broadcast live on NBC, 26 November. He performed the song again on 30 November during The Today Show also live.