How much does it cost to go tanking in Nebraska?

How much does it cost to go tanking in Nebraska?

The Paxton Trip is $35 for ages 16 and older, $25 for ages 15 and under. There is a minimum charge of $100 for a tank rental (the equivalent of 4 adults taking the North Platte Trip). How do I book my tanking trip?

Where is tanking in Nebraska?

A perfect summer adventure for all! Located on the upper Cedar River, Get Tanked offers rentals on eight-foot plastic stock tanks, each with a picnic table in it.

What is tanking Nebraska?

If you’re not a Nebraskan, you are probably asking, “What is tanking?” Tanking is floating down a river in a cattle tank, a vessel typically used to supply drinking water to livestock or horses. They are made of steel and are watertight, which makes them ideal for floating down a river.

Where in Nebraska Can you float the river?

6 Lazy Rivers In Nebraska That Are Perfect For Tubing On A Summer’s Day

  • Niobrara River. Nebraska Tourism.
  • Platte River. Facebook/Platte River Rentals, LLC.
  • Calamus River. By Ammodramus (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.
  • Elkhorn River. Tubing & Adventures.
  • Middle Loup River. Sandhill River Trips.
  • Republican River.

How deep is the Elkhorn River?

River Summary However, the deepest point on the river is located at the Elkhorn River At Pilger reporting a gauge stage of 7.68 ft. This river is monitored from 5 different streamgauging stations along the Elkhorn River, the highest being perched at an elevation of 1,842 ft, the Elkhorn River At Ewing .

Do sports teams Tank?

Tanking in sports refers to the practice of intentionally fielding non-competitive teams to take advantage of league rules that benefit losing teams. Tanking teams are usually seeking higher picks in the next draft, since league rules generally give the highest draft picks to the previous season’s worst teams.

What should I bring to tanking?


  1. Wear your swimsuit.
  2. Wear water shoes.
  3. Bring a loaded cooler.
  4. Wear sunglasses.
  5. Wear a hat.
  6. Pack sunscreen and bug spray in a waterproof bag.
  7. Protect your cell phone in a waterproof bag.

What does economy tanking mean?

A stock that has seen a poor quarterly performance is described as tanking if the price begins to decline shortly after the news is made public. Earnings misses are a common culprit that sends a stock tanking. An investor might say his investments are in the tank, meaning they are not doing well.

Where does the Elkhorn River start in Nebraska?

Platte River
Elkhorn River/Mouths
The Elkhorn River originates in lush hay meadow land in the north-central counties of Holt and Rock and ends near Gretna at its confluence with the Platte River. Flows vary considerably along its entire length depending on snow melt, rainfall and irrigation demand.

Can you tube down the Elkhorn River?

The river adventures include tubing and kayaking down a scenic 7 mile float of the Elkhorn River that roughly takes 3.5 to 5.5 hours or more in a tube and 2 to 3 hours in a kayak depending on river conditions. On your river float you will experience Omaha like you have never seen before.

Can you float down the Elkhorn River?

Is Elkhorn River open?

Here is the current status of Elkhorn River access sites: Elkhorn Crossing (intersection of 252nd & Bennington Road) – CLOSED UNTIL APRIL 1. West Maple Road (West Maple Road northeast of Waterloo) – CLOSED UNTIL APRIL 1. Graske Crossing (southeast corner of West Dodge Road & west of 204th) – CLOSED UNTIL APRIL 1.

How long does it take to float a river in Nebraska?

If you’re wondering, the stock tank outfitters on rivers in Nebraska generally offer 2-6 hour trips to include shuttle service, trash bags, as well as paddles or poles, life jackets, and other required boating safety equipment. Some offer two-day floats.

Where can I float the Cedar River in Spalding?

Crazy Rayz Tanking, 82228 499th Ave., Spalding Float trips are on the Cedar River. Note: Crazy Rayz hosts an annual River Bash with live music at the end of May.

Where can I go on a float trip in Elkhorn?

Tank Down the Elkhorn, 23301 W. Maple Road, Elkhorn Float trips are on the Elkhorn River. Note: Weekdays will be cheaper than the weekends (except holidays), and there’s a special price for shorter Friday Night Floats.

What is tanking in Nebraska?

Nebraska has more miles of river than any other state, making it the perfect destination for a float trip. And we’ve become known for our unique way of floating, called tanking. All it requires is a group of friends, a livestock water tank, and a river to float on.