How much does a Vermeer trencher weigh?

How much does a Vermeer trencher weigh?

3380 lbs
SPECIFICATIONS, Trencher, Ride-On (Diesel) Vermeer RT350

Weight (basic tractor, rubber tires) 3380 lbs 1533.14 kg
Width (basic tractor, rubber tires) 58″ 147.32 cm
Height (basic tractor, rubber tires) 85″ 215.9 cm
Wheel Base (Centerline of Axles) 46″ 116.84 cm
Tread Width with Rubber Tires (Centerline to Centerline) 46″ 116.84 cm

How much does a ride on trencher weigh?

Ditch Witch

Model HP Operating Weight (lbs.)
RT36 35 3,940
RT40 39 4,200
RT55 57 7,560
RT75 71 8,670

How much does a Vermeer RTX250 weigh?

The RTX250 walk-behind trencher digs to 48 inches at a width of 8 inches. It is powered by a Kohler Command PRO ECH740 gas engine that delivers 25 horsepower. The unit measures 79×34. 5 inches with an operating weight of 1,550 pounds.

How much does a Vermeer 8550 weigh?

8,410 lbs

Engine Cummins 4BT3.9 — C090 90 HP (67 kw)
Height 103.4″ (262.6 cm) (with roll bar)
Length 124″ (315 cm)
Weight 8,410 lbs (3815 kg)
Width 80″ (203 cm)

How much does a Ditch Witch rt40 weigh?

4,200 lbs.
Height-86 in. Width-64 in. Weight-4,200 lbs.

How much does a Ditch Witch c16x weigh?


Operating weight (lbs): 1,895
Max cutting depth (ft/in): 3′ 0″
Cutting width, min-max (in): 4″ – 6″
Max chain speed (ft/min): 366

How much does a walk behind Ditch Witch weigh?

Trench depth max. 36″, Trench width 4″, Weight 1120 lbs.

How much does a Ditch Witch C16X cost?

Ditch Witch C16X WB Trencher from $1,575.00/mo.

How much does a 36 inch trencher weigh?

The 36″ Walk Behind Trencher rental allows you o reach maximum digging depths of 36″ in a compact package weighing 1,300 lbs., walk-behind trenchers are a great solution for working in close quarters. This trencher is powered by an air-cooled gas engine with hydrostatic drive for smooth operation.

How much does a Ditch Witch 5110 weigh?

The MT26 weighs 3,567 pounds and has a variable blade speed from 0 to 140 rpm; its 26-inch maximum trench depth lets contractors install a typical 2-in.

How wide is a Ditch Witch trencher?

At only 32″ (813 mm) wide, the Ditch Witch 1030 walk-behind compact trencher can go anywhere and dig in any type of dirt, thanks to the variety of digging chains it can run, including the patented, super-durable Shark Chain II trencher chain. and it doesn’t mess around, with a digging chain speed of 276 fpm (84 m/min).

How big is the chain on a Vermeer v430?

Vermeer: V434, M430, V454A, V430A, V430, V434 & V440 Using 2” Pitch 2481M Chain, Continued Ballantine • Vermeer®Replacement Parts • Page 12

What kind of chain does Vermeer use?

Vermeer: 4501 Style Chain, Rock & Frost Style Base Plates, Single Chain 18” Cut Only Ballantine • Vermeer®Replacement Parts • Page 48 Vermeer: 4502 Style Chain and 4525 Heavy-Duty Chain Ref. No. Part No. Description

Where can I buy replacement parts for Vermeer®?

Chains Cutting Teeth Sprockets Bearings Carbide Teeth Centralized Customer Service: 800/328-2424 Anoka, Minnesota Atlanta, Georgia Santa Fe Springs, California Faster Service Better Quality Lower Prices Replacement Parts for Vermeer®

Where is the toll free customer service for Vermeer®?

9647 Santa Fe Springs Rd Santa Fe Springs, California 90670 Toll Free Customer Service Toll Free 800-328-2424 FAX 763-427-2277 Ballantine • Vermeer®Replacement Parts • Page 1 Trencher Chain Identification Sheet Measure Pitch Size (Center of Pin to Center of Next Pin)