How many questions is the CAIB exam?

How many questions is the CAIB exam?

Students will be required to answer 10 multiple choice questions. Only one answer is correct for each question. Please be sure that all questions are answered in examination booklet. Students will be required to answer 26 questions.

Is the fundamentals of insurance exam hard?

The hardest part of the exam is reading the questions. They like to use a lot of double negatives and tricky words to confuse you. They might include facts in there that seem relevant but aren’t. The multiple choice options will be tricky as well.

What is a CAIB exam?

What is a CAIB designation? It is a professional designation created by the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC). It’s a nationally recognized designation that is basically a way to establish yourself as an insurance expert and build credibility within the industry and with clients.

What is a CAIB qualification?

Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker (CAIB) 1–4.

What is the difference between CIP and CAIB?

The CAIB acronym stands for Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker, its similar to the CIP designation but it’s more geared towards those who intend to build a career on the broker/agent side. Many people start with the CAIB Designation and then move on to CIP.

How many courses are in CIP?

Planning is key: Some students tell us that the best way to ensure success in the program is to plan ahead. Familiarize yourself with the program: the CIP consists of 10 courses, five of which are mandatory.

Is CAIB exam hard?

The downside to new brokers challenging the CAIB 1 exam is that it is more difficult (short answers vs multiple choice) and more expensive ($395 vs $195) than the Fundamentals of Insurance exam.

Do insurance brokers make good money?

According to PayScale, as of Jan. 15, 2021, a mid-level insurance broker’s median salary is approximately $70,000 a year. 4 However, this amount will often rise as an insurance broker gains experience and gathers clients.

How long does the CIP take?

On average, it takes most students roughly two to five years to complete the program. Refer to our website for the exam rules, regulations, and for information on exam results availability.

What is the structure of the CAIB I exam?

The CAIB I exam is structured as follows: Students will be required to define 12 insurance terms contained in the course material. Students will be required to answer 10 multiple choice questions. Only one answer is correct for each question.

What grade do you need to pass the CAIB exam?

A minimum grade of 60% is required for a pass on each exam. What does the online exam look like? Exam consists of multiple choice, definition and short answer questions for CAIB 1-3 and the long form answers for CAIB 4. Students have 3.5 hours to complete the exam. The passing grade is 60% for each level.

How long does it take to complete CAIB exam?

A CAIB exam is written online. The CAIB 1, 2 and 3 exams are made up of multiple-choice, definitions and short-answer questions. The CAIB 4 exam is made up of long-answer questions. You have 3½ hours to complete a CAIB exam.

Is there an online CAIB exam in BC?

This will allow students all over B.C. to take advantage of a more individualized CAIB exam experience. The format of the online CAIB exam mirrors the current structure of the paper exam, with multiple-choice, short-answer and essay questions.