How do you stop variable decelerations?

How do you stop variable decelerations?

Also, you can take certain steps to treat late decelerations and improve fetal oxygen supply.

  1. Lie down in the left lateral, knee-chest, or right lateral position to relieve compression of the large vein (or vena cava) by your pregnant uterus.
  2. Your doctor might administer oxygen in response to late decelerations.

How do you find variable decelerations?

Variable decelerations occur when the fetal heart rate decrease is greater than or equal to 15 beats per minute and last for longer than or equal to 15 seconds but less than 2 minutes from onset to return to baseline.

What causes variable decelerations?

24 Variable decelerations are caused by compression of the umbilical cord. Pressure on the cord initially occludes the umbilical vein, which results in an acceleration (the shoulder of the deceleration) and indicates a healthy response.

What is a typical variable deceleration?

Pure variable decelerations are typical variable decelerations without signs of atypia. They consist of an initial acceleration, rapid deceleration of the fetal heart rate to the nadir, followed by rapid return to the baseline fetal heart rate level with secondary acceleration.

How do you read fetal monitoring strips?

When you’re looking at the screen, the fetal heart rate is usually on the top and the contractions at the bottom. When the machine prints out graph paper, you’ll see the fetal heart rate to the left and the contractions to the right. Sometimes it’s easier to read printouts by looking at them sideways.

Can you have decelerations without contractions?

Variable decelerations have no fixed time relationship to uterine contractions. Therefore, the pattern of decelerations changes from one contraction to another. Variable decelerations are usually caused by compression of the umbilical cord and do not indicate the presence of fetal distress.

What are nursing interventions for variable decelerations?

Nursing interventions for treatment of variable decelerations are aimed at reducing umbilical cord or fetal head compression and include changing maternal position to relieve pressure on the umbilical cord, administering an IV fluid bolus which may improve blood volume and profusion and possibly improve fetal heart …

How long do early decelerations last?

Decelerations represent a reduction in fetal heart rate of more than 15 beats per minute (bpm) in bandwidth amplitude. They also last for longer than 15 seconds.

Can an NST be reactive with variables?

The nonstress test of the neurologically healthy preterm fetus is frequently nonreactive—from 24 to 28 weeks of gestation, up to 50 percent of nonstress tests may not be reactive, and from 28 to 32 weeks of gestation, 15 percent of nonstress tests are not reactive.

Should I eat before NST?

You will be given an appointment for your next NST. We will try to schedule your test for the same day as your doctor’s visit. What can I expect during the NST? We would like you to eat before the test because some babies move more after their moms have eaten.

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