How do you get Leia in Harvest Moon DS?

How do you get Leia in Harvest Moon DS?

She lives in a big bathtub in Daryl’s basement. The door to the basement will be locked until you raise Daryl’s friendship points to 100 or higher. Once Daryl’s friendship is high enough, you can meet Leia and start interacting with her when Daryl is at home.

Can you get married in Harvest Moon DS?

The requirements for marriage are: The boy/bachelor at a red heart color (60,000 Love Points or more) Own the Big Bed for your house, purchased from the Channel 2 TV Shopping channel (which looks like two beds side-by-side) Unlock 60 Harvest Sprites or more, and have the Goddess back in her pond.

How do you get a girlfriend on Harvest Moon DS?

If you want to woo a girl from Mineral Town you need to connect your copy of either GBA game to your DS. Once a week you will get to see one of the Mineral Town girls visit your game. Since they only appear on a weekly basis they take the longest time to court.

Can you be a girl in Harvest Moon DS?

In some Harvest Moon games, the player characters can be either male or female – they will never marry each other (except in IoH/SI).

How do you befriend Daryl?

Befriend Daryl and exit your house around 7pm. You’ll see Daryl going up to the spring with a little black musical note above his head—meaning he’s happy and up to something. You’ll automatically follow him.

How do you marry the Harvest Goddess in Harvest Moon DS?

The extra requirements to marry her are as following:

  1. Be in your 5th year (or later).
  2. Ship at least 1 of everything available.
  3. Get the Legendary Sword and unlock the field behind the waterfall.
  4. Discover every type of item in all 4 mines.
  5. Rescuing all 101 Harvest Sprites.

What does Nami like Harvest Moon DS?

Unlike most girls, Nami doesn’t enjoy flowers or jewelries. She does love cooked dishes (especially curry), and fish. Your rival for Nami’s affection is Gustafa, who also loves to travel. Unlike in A Wonderful Life, Nami will never leave the valley if you do not marry her.

How do you marry the rock in Harvest Moon DS?

Once Rock has a orange/red heart, buy the Blue Feather from Karen. In order to marry Rock, though, you also need to have upgraded your house two times, gotten the big bed and find at least 60 Sprites, because the Harvest Godess will ring some bells as her wedding gift for you guys.

Is Harvest Moon DS the same as Friends of Mineral Town?

Plot. The player is a young man who lives with his friend Takakura on a farm in Forget-Me-Not-Valley, at roughly the same time as Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town. The characters and locations in Harvest Moon DS are the same as those in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life with a few minor exceptions.