Can you swim in Burrendong Dam?

Can you swim in Burrendong Dam?

Situated midway between Orange and Dubbo, Lake Burrendong is a great spot for an all day adventure with the family. In the dam you can swim, fish, boat, kayak and more and when you are waterlogged check out the Botanic Gardens and Arboretum.

How much water is in Burrendong Dam at the moment?

Regional NSW dams and valleys

Storage (recorded date) Storage Capacity (ML) Percent Full %
Burrendong Dam Fri Jan 7 2022 1,154,270 116.1
Burrinjuck Dam Fri Jan 7 2022 1,024,750 92.7
Carcoar Dam Fri Jan 7 2022 35,917 100.1
Chaffey Dam Fri Jan 7 2022 100,509 100.3

Can you take dogs to Burrendong Dam?

Dogs are permitted at our park all year round on sites only. We welcome your four-legged family members to stay at 28 of our parks across NSW.

Are they releasing water from Burrendong Dam?

This is a Burrinjuck dam flow increase notification. Releases are planned to increase from 10,000 Megalitres per day to 20,000 Megalitres per day by 3:00 PM on Sunday 16th January 2022. Releases are planned to increase from 8,000 Megalitres per day to 9,000 Megalitres per day by 04:30 PM on Sunday 9 January 2022.

What fish are in Burrendong Dam?

Fishing at Lake Burrendong includes Redfin and golden perch (yellow belly) Murray cod, silver perch, catfish and European carp.

What rivers flow into Burrendong Dam?

The dam impounds Lake Burrendong and is filled by the waters from the Macquarie, and Cudgegong rivers as well as Meroo Creek.

Why is Cataract dam so low?

In the past week, according to Water NSW, 153mm of rain fell in the Nepean Catchment, which includes the Nepean, Avon, Cataract and Cordeaux dams. They remained low over summer with tighter water restrictions introduced and Cataract dropping to around 25 per cent capacity by January.

What can burrendong dam hold?

Burrendong Dam is one of the largest inland dams in NSW with a capacity of 1,678,000 megalitres, three times Sydney Harbour. The dam’s capacity includes 1,188,000 megalitres of water storage and a potential 489,000 megalitres of air space for flood mitigation.

What towns does burrendong dam supply?

“Lake Burrendong – Wellington / Mumbil, NSW”. Sweetwater Fishing….

  • Ashfield Reservoir.
  • Bankstown Reservoir.
  • Centennial Park Reservoir.
  • Chatswood Reservoirs.
  • Crown Street Reservoir.
  • Penshurst Reservoirs.
  • Petersham Reservoir.
  • Pymble Reservoirs.

Can you fish at Lake burrendong?

Can you fish at Cataract Dam?

Cataract Dam has a range of fish species, including those moved there from west of the divide like Murray cod and Macquarie perch. The move to open Cataract Dam for fishing would bring the reservoir in line with a number of dams in regional NSW.

How do I get to Burrendong Dam?

Burrendong Dam is located in Central West NSW. The dam wall carpark and public lookout is open 24 hours a day, all year round. There is no public transportation to the dam and vehicle access to the BBQ area downstream of the wall is accessible from 7:30am – 4:00pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

What can you do at Lake Burrendong holiday park?

Take the kayaks out for a paddle. Drop a line and see what’s biting. Stroll across Burrendong Dam to enjoy the stunning lake and basin views and let the kids go wild on the park waterslide. Whatever floats your boat, Lake Burrendong Holiday Park has you covered.

What is burburrendong dam?

Burrendong Dam is a popular inland sport and recreation destination, offering year-round attractions for water sports and fishing enthusiasts, nature lovers, bushwalkers, campers and picnickers. The lake foreshores are home to two holiday parks, an arboretum, and a popular NSW Sport…

What happened to Lake Burrendong?

It was a town sacrificed for the greater good, but as the lake dries up, reminders of what was there before are being exposed — stuck both in the cracked earth and in time. Old fence posts are seen on land normally underwater in Lake Burrendong.