Can you still buy a netbook?

Can you still buy a netbook?

Netbooks were popular between 2007 and 2014, but as tablets rose in popularity, netbooks fell from favor. Today, most PC manufacturers no longer market lightweight, less-expensive systems as netbooks.

How much is a netbook worth?

Netbooks generally weigh around 2.2 lbs (1 kilogram) each, far lighter than most laptops, and carry batteries that last up to 8 hours. They cost between US$199 and $799. For anyone looking to buy now, here are some tips for your first netbook, compiled after reviewing about a dozen of them. 1.

How long does a netbook last?

Hewlett Packard says the estimated sevice life for these netbooks is only 15 to 24 months. This is in stark contrast to the 80 HP laptops that PSA also purchased. Out of those, only one failed in an 18 month period and HP rates their life expectancy at three to five years.

What happened to the netbook?

Over the past couple years the netbook market crashed. Now, as Charles Arthur reports in the Guardian, most major PC manufacturers have stopped making these tiny machines. The last holdouts were the Taiwanese firms Acer and Asus. Both say they won’t build any netbooks in 2013.

What’s the best netbook to buy?

Top 10 Best Netbook

  • #1 Lenovo 300e Flagship Netbook.
  • #2 HP Chromebook 14-ca050nr Netbook.
  • #3 HP Spectre x360 Netbook.
  • #4 Acer Aspire 1 A114-32-C1YA Netbook.
  • #5 Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga Netbook.
  • #6 Dell Inspiron i3162-0003BLU Netbook.
  • #7 HP Pavilion x2 2-in-1 Netbook.
  • #8 Asus L203MA-DS04 VivoBook Netbook.

Can a netbook run Microsoft Office?

We believe that 1GB of RAM is the least amount for anyone using Microsoft Office on a netbook. If the extra cost isn’t too much, jump to 1.5GB or 2GB. If you want to run that eternal resource hog, Microsoft Outlook, get as much memory as you can.

Is Acer a netbook?

Acer Aspire One is a line of Aspire subcompact notebooks (netbooks) similar to the Asus EEE.

Can I get word on a notebook?

The program can be installed on any Windows laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone, even if your screen is bigger than 10.1 inches. But if you install this free Microsoft Word Mobile on a desktop, laptop, or a large tablet, you can’t create nor edit files with the app. You can only open documents and read them.