Who wrote the music for The Wiz?

Who wrote the music for The Wiz?

Quincy Jones
Charlie SmallsAnthony Jackson
The Wiz/Music composed by

Who directed the movie The Wiz?

Sidney LumetThe Wiz / Director

“The Wiz,” directed by Sidney Lumet, is set in present-day New York City, and finds its locations in fanciful sets suggesting Harlem, Coney Island, school playgrounds, the subway system, and a sweatshop. Our heroine, Dorothy, has been transformed from a Kansas teen-ager to a twenty-four-year-old black schoolteacher.

Who produced The Wiz on Broadway?

Ken Harper
Ken Harper, 48, producer of the smash Broadway musical “The Wiz” which opened in 1975, ran for more than 1,600 performances and won seven Tony awards, including best musical.

Who choreographed The Wiz musical?

Louis Johnson
The film’s choreographer was Louis Johnson.

Who wrote Brand New Day from The Wiz?

Luther VandrossA Brand New Day / Composer

Who was in The Wiz on Broadway?


Role Broadway (1975) Broadway revival (1984)
The Lion (Baritone) Ted Ross Gregg Baker
Aunt Em (Mezzo-soprano) Tasha Thomas Peggi Blu
Glinda (Alto) Dee Dee Bridgewater Ann Duquesnay
The Wiz (Tenor) André DeShields Carl Hall

Who played Dorothy in The Wiz on Broadway?

Diana Ross begged Motown to play Dorothy in ‘The Wiz’ However, Harris decided to leave The Wiz before it made it to the Broadway stage. In 1975, Mills was cast as Dorothy. The then-17-year-old singer originated the character and starred alongside Phylicia Rashad, Tiger Haynes, and Hinton Battle.

Can you feel the brand new day musical?

“A Brand New Day”, also known as “Everybody Rejoice”, is a song from the 1975 Broadway musical The Wiz written by American R&B singer and songwriter Luther Vandross.

How old is Mike Stevens from take That?

Michael William “Mike” Stevens, born 26 January 1957, is a British musician (saxophone, keyboards, guitar, vocals). He is best known as Take That’s musical director. Stevens began music lessons on the clarinet and piano and was encouraged by his father, who was a professional drummer.

What instrument does Mike Stevens play?

Michael William “Mike” Stevens (born 26 January 1957) is an English musician. He is best known as Take That ‘s musical director. Born in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, Stevens began music lessons on the clarinet and piano and was encouraged by his father, a professional drummer.

How does Mike Stevens choose his band of musicians?

After signing up to work with a new artist, Mike Stevens has to choose and recruit the best band of musicians available. He views this as the most significant of all his responsibilities. “For me, the type of players have to fit the type of music,” explains Mike. “I always start with the drummer in my mind, because the drummer’s very important.

What kind of work has Mike Stevens done?

Notable studio work for Mike Stevens since has included both ‘Songs Of Mass Destruction’ (additional production and arrangements, 2007) and ‘A Christmas Cornucopia’ (producer and arranger, 2010) for Annie Lennox, with whom he has also toured across the world as MD. The Jubilee Concert’s 10-piece band, which included Mike Stevens (second from left).