Who plays Bobby Wasabi wife?

Who plays Bobby Wasabi wife?

Leona (who is portrayed by Denise Richards), A.K.A, “The Black Belt Widow,” is set up on a date with Bobby Wasabi by his friends, Jack and Jerry.

Who played Leona in kickin It?

star Denise Richards
Leona, otherwise known as the Black Belt Widow, is a character and antagonist in Kickin’ It. She is a notorious lady known for marrying rich karate super stars and inheriting their fortunes after they mysteriously “disappear”. She was portrayed by guest star Denise Richards.

Did kickin it cancel?

Disney XD has renewed Kickin’ It, their highest-rated TV series, for a fourth season. Olivia Holt is leaving the show to star in a new Disney Channel comedy series, I Didn’t Do It, which will premiere in 2014. …

Who played Sam in kickin it?

Rio Mangini
Sam. Sam (Rio Mangini) is introduced in “Dueling Dojos”, where Rudy originally adopts him to look good in front of Grandmaster Po and tries to put Milton and Kim in charge of him. When Sam makes enemies out of all three of them, Rudy decides to give him back.

Was Denise Richards in kickin it?

Denise Richards is donning a wedding dress again! This time, though, it’s all for TV. The 39-year-old actress and mother of three is set to play Leona, known as the “Black Belt Widow,” on tonight’s episode of “Kickin’ It!” on Disney XD.

Who plays Bobby Wasabi?

Joel McCraryKickin’ It
Bobby Wasabi/Played by

WHEN DID Season 2 of kickin it come out?

April 2, 2012

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired
1 21 June 13, 2011
2 23 April 2, 2012
3 22 April 1, 2013

Who played Max in kickin it?

Moisés Arias was born April 18, 1994, in New York City, the son of Mónica and César Arias. His parents are Colombian, and he was raised bilingual. His brother is Kickin’ It actor Mateo Arias. Before starting his acting career, Moises graduated from Barbizon Modeling and Acting School in Tampa, Florida.

What happened to Kim in Season 2 of kickin it?

Kim has been absent for 5 episodes (It Takes Two to Tangle, Buddyguards, Dojo Day Care, Kickin’ It Old School, and Wedding Crashers) due to Olivia Holt having to film her own Disney Channel Original Movie and has missed the season 3 episode “Glove Hurts”.

Who is Mika from kickin it?

Oana Gregory
Mika is the niece of Phil, the owner of Falafel Phil’s. She is portrayed by Oana Gregory. In “Kickin’ It Old School”, Jerry, Milton, Eddie, and Jack all look at her, amazed and perhaps even a bit love struck.