Who is top of the championship?

Who is top of the championship?

Championship Table & Standings

Pos Team +/-
1 Fulham +48
2 AFC Bournemouth +19
3 Blackburn Rovers +14
4 Queens Park Rangers +9

How many teams are in the English Championship?

EFL Championship/Number of teams

How many matches are there in the English Championship?

46 games
Over the course of a season, which runs annually from August to the following May, each team plays twice against the others in the league, once at ‘home’ and once ‘away’, resulting in each team competing in 46 games in total.

Who won the English championship?

Norwich City F.C.2nd title
EFL Championship/Current champions

Who got promoted to the Championship 2021?

The top two teams of 2020–21 EFL League One, Hull City and Peterborough United, gained automatic promotion to the Championship, while the clubs placed from third to sixth place in the table took part in the 2021 English Football League play-offs.

What is the biggest stadium in the championship?

Sheffield Wednesday
Sheffield Wednesday have the largest ground with a capacity of 39,859 and if returning to the Premiership would have the 10th biggest gate….The EFL Championship Stadium Capacity In Order Of Size.

Club Name of Ground Capacity
Sheffield Wednesday Hillsborough 39,859
Leeds United Elland Road 37,890

Which 3 teams came up from the Championship 2021?

Brentford and Swansea City competed for the final place for the 2021–22 season in the Premier League….Route to the final.

Team Swansea City
Pld 46
W 23
D 11
L 12

Who won 2021 English Championship?

Norwich City
2020–21 EFL Championship

Season 2020–21
Champions Norwich City
Promoted Norwich City Watford Brentford
Relegated Wycombe Wanderers Rotherham United Sheffield Wednesday
Matches played 552

Who got promoted and relegated in England?

2020–21 English Football League

Season 2020–21
Champions Norwich City
Promoted Watford Brentford
Relegated Southend United Grimsby Town
New Clubs in League Barrow Harrogate Town

Do you have the Football League standings for the English Championship?

We have the football league standings for all of the major football & soccer leagues including all of the England’s football leagues such as the English Championship.

Where can I track the Premier League standings for 2021/22?

We track football league standings for every football season including the 2021/22 season of football only at ScoresPro – #1 football livescores website for all of the England’s Championship tables.

What is the English League Championship table for 2019-20?

English League Championship Table 2019-20 2019-2020; 1 LEE Leeds United. 2 WBA West Bromwich Albion. 3 BRN Brentford. 4 FUL Fulham. 5 CAR Cardiff City. 6 SWC Swansea City. 7 FOR Nottingham Forest.

What has lost and drew in the Premier League in 2021?

Lost 0 – 1 against Stoke City on November 3rd 2021. Drew 1 – 1 against Queens Park Rangers on November 6th 2021. Drew 2 – 2 against Derby County on October 19th 2021.