What size hole do you drill for 3/8 NPT?

What size hole do you drill for 3/8 NPT?

NPT Tap Drill Chart

Tap Size Drill Size Tap and Drill Set
3/8″ NPT Tap 37/64″ Drill Bit 3/8″ NPT Tap and Drill Set
1/2″ NPT Tap 23/32″ Drill Bit 1/2″ NPT Tap and Drill Set
3/4″ NPT Tap 59/64″ Drill Bit 3/4″ NPT Tap and Drill Set
1″ NPT Tap 1-5/32″ Drill Bit 1″ NPT Tap and Drill Set

What size Reamer do I use for a 3/8 18 NPT tap?

Tap size Threads per inch Drill size w/out taper pipe reamer
1/8 27 Q
1/4 18 7/16
3/8 18 37/64
1/2 14 23/32

What size drill bit do you use for a 3/8-16 tap?

Most drill charts recommend a 5/16 drill for a 3/8-16 bolt. Cutting holes that are smaller will leave more material for the tap to cut out, risking tap breakage.

What is the diameter of 3/8 NPT?

Basic Dimensions, American National Standard Taper Pipe Threads, NPT, (ANSI B2. 1-1968)

Nominal Pipe Size Outside Diameter of Pipe Wrench Makeup Length for Internal Thread
1/4 0.540 0.1667
3/8 0.675 0.1667
1/2 0.840 0.2143
3/4 1.050 0.2143

What size drill do you use for a 3/8 tap?

Tap and Drill Size Chart

5/16-24 .2720 ‘I’
3/8-24 .3320 ‘Q’
7/16-20 .3906 25/64
1/2-20 .4531 29/64

What size bolt fits a 3/8 hole?

For a 3/8″ bolt the hole should be 1/2″ or 5/8″ diameter.

What size NPT do I have?

To determine the NPT size, with a caliper, measure the diameter of the 2nd or 3rd thread on your pipe, fitting or valve as shown below. Find the caliper measurement in the chart and cross reference the nominal NPT pipe size. Don’t get confused, the actual measurement is not the same as the NPT pipe size.

What size drill do you use for tap?

Drill Bit Sizes (Metric) The drill size chart contains tools up to 1.5 inches in diameter,but larger tools are also commonly used.

  • Drill Bit Sizes (English)
  • Tap Sizes (Metric) For each thread count,the equivalent thread pitch is provided and for metric taps,the approximate thread count is shown based on the pitch.
  • Tap Sizes (English)
  • What size is a drill bit?

    Drill Bit Lengths Jobber-length drill bits are the most common, with a length somewhere between 9 to 14 times the diameter. Screw-machine-length drills arethe shortest available standard sized bits. Aircraft-length drills are extended length drill bits that are manufactured in fixed length such as 4, 6, 8, 12, 18, 24-inch bits, rather than proportional lengths.

    What are drill sizes?

    Drill size, or wire gauge drill size, is a term used to describe the diameter of the hole “drilled” through an orifice. Gas passes through this hole on its way to the burner. The size is expressed as a number, the drill number, that indicates which size drill is used to bore the hole.

    What is National Pipe Thread?

    American National Standard Pipe Thread standards, often called national pipe thread standards for short, are U.S. national technical standards for screw threads used on threaded pipes and pipe fittings. They include both tapered and straight thread series for various purposes including rigidity, pressure-tight sealing, or both.