What is urban TV WhatsApp number?

What is urban TV WhatsApp number?

Send a WhatsApp Message on +256-772-022-665 and we shall play it.

Who is the owner of Urban TV Uganda?

The Vision Group CEO Robert Kabushenga said the company “will do what it takes” to ensure Urban TV achieves greater success.

How can I watch Uganda channels online?

Free Online Ugandan TV: Here’s how you can watch Ugandan TV stations Live Online

  1. NTV Uganda. NTV Uganda is certainly one of the premium TV stations in Uganda majorly targeted towards the elite audience.
  2. NBS Uganda.
  3. Bukedde TV.
  4. WBS TV(Bought by Kwese TV)
  5. UBC TV.
  6. Streaming Apps.

Where is Urban TV located in Nigeria?

Urban 96 Radio Network is an English speaking commercial radio station with headquarters in Lekki, Lagos.

What is the DSTV WhatsApp number?

060 060 3788
DStv WhatsApp Save our number 060 060 3788. All you have to do to get started is to type “Hello”.

What channel is urban TV on GOTV?

Channel 328
UrbanTV Channel 328 (@thisisurbantv) / Twitter. UrbanTV, Interactive, alive and relevant.” Through the power of digital technology, Africa is alive. DSTV 328, GotvNg 73, GotvGh 160.

Who is Tinah fierce?

Christine Karungi aka Tina Fierce is back on YouTube after about two months of missing in action with her Random Thoughts and top on her agenda is Sheilah Gashumba who returned to a job she once dissed.

What is the most viewed TV station in Uganda?

A new survey conducted in January 2016 and released by Major Media market research firm has shown that NBS TV is now the most watched television station in Kampala.

How can I contact HipTv?


  1. https://www.hiptv.tv/
  2. +234 902 567 5194.
  3. +234 708 744 5046.

What channel is African Magic Urban on GOtv?

Channel 153
Africa Magic

GOtv Channel depends on region
DStv Channel 151 (Showcase) Channel 152 (Epic) Channel 153 (Urban) Channel 154 (Family) Channel 156 (Hausa) Channel 157 (Yoruba) Channel 159 (Igbo)