What is photocell sensitivity?

What is photocell sensitivity?

The sensitivity of a photocell is defined as its resistance at a specific level of illumination. Since no two photocells are exactly alike, sensitivity is stated as a typical resistance value plus an allowable tolerance. Both the value of resistance and its tolerance are specified for only one light level.

What is photocell or photoelectric cell?

photoelectric cell, also called Electric Eye, Photocell, or Phototube, an electron tube with a photosensitive cathode that emits electrons when illuminated and an anode for collecting the emitted electrons. The tubes are also used in photometry and in spectroscopy.

Is a photocell sensitive to light?

Photocells, particularly the common CdS cells that you’re likely to find, are not sensitive to all light. In particular they tend to be sensitive to light between 700nm (red) and 500nm (green) light.

Is there any difference between photodiode and photocell?

Photodiode is A photodiode is a semiconductor device that converts light into electrical current. Photocell is A device in which the photoelectric or photovoltaic effect or photoconductivity is used to generate a current or voltage when exposed to light or other electromagnetic radiation.

Is photocell and solar cell the same?

A solar cell produces power for an electrical circuit while a photocell is a light-activated control switch. Photocells have been used since the mid 1900s in light meters while solar cells have only become popular since 1990. The only commonality between the two is that light is needed for them to work.

What sensitive material is used in photocell for visible light?

What sensitive material is used in a photocell for visible light? – Quora. One form of photocell is made of cadmium sulphide. This material has the property that its resistivity decreases with light intensity. This was the first practical light detector.

How do you know if your photocell is bad?

To check a photocell, use a digital multimeter. Turn the multimeter on, and place it on the setting for resistance. Resistance is usually indicated by the Greek letter omega. If the multimeter is not auto-ranging, change the knob to a very high level, such as megaohms.

What is the difference between photocell and photovoltaic cell?

“Photocell” usually means a Light Dependent Resistor (LDR). Photovoltaic cells do generate a voltage or current which increases according to the amount of light present. People are often referring to solar cells, which convert light into electrical power, when they say “photovoltaic cell”.

Is photocell a diode?

Photodiodes are similar to regular semiconductor diodes except that they may be either exposed (to detect vacuum UV or X-rays) or packaged with a window or optical fiber connection to allow light to reach the sensitive part of the device.

How is the sensitivity of a photocell measured?

The sensitivity of photocells can be quoted in either of two ways, either as the electrical output at a given illumination, using illumination figures in units of lux, often 50 lux and 1000 lux, or as a figure of power falling on the cell per square centimetre of sensitive area, a quantity known as irradiance.

What is photoelectric cell?

Photoelectric cell or photocell or photovoltaic cell is an electronic device which works on the principle of the photoelectric effect and converts light energy into electrical energy. Photocell consists of an evacuated glass tube containing two electrodes emitter (C) and Collector (A). The emitter is shaped in the form of a semi-hollow cylinder.

What is a photo cell?

A photo cell is a device which makes use of photo electric effect for converting light energy into electric energy. According to their construction Photo electric cells are three types. 1) Photo-emissive cell 2) Photo Voltaic cell 3) Photo Conductive cell Photo-emissive cells are of two types i) Vacuum and ii) Gas filled.

How many types of photo electric cells are there?

According to their construction Photo electric cells are three types. 1) Photo-emissive cell 2) Photo Voltaic cell 3) Photo Conductive cell Photo-emissive cells are of two types i) Vacuum and ii) Gas filled. Vacuum type photo emissive cell consists of two electrodes, cathode and anode.