What is Galaxy Life?

What is Galaxy Life?

It is a real time strategy game where you gather two resources: minerals and gold. You start only with one planet, from which you can rebuild the mighty Starling Empire once again. But beware, the other players have the same goals as you. Welcome to Galaxy Life Wiki!

What is Galaxy Life reborn?

Galaxy Life Reborn is a fan project started by GaLaXy1036 and grew to be developed by Marido, Unelegal, LifeCoder, Senne, and Whirlwind making the development team which aims to revive the Pocket Adventures version and the flash-version of Galaxy Life by making a reverse-engineered server. The Development team posts updates on one Discord server.

Does Galaxy Life cost money to play?

Yes, absolutely! There are no costs attached for you to play Galaxy Life. However there are in-game purchases you can make to support the project, but remember that this is fully optional and not required. Does the project aim to make a profit?

What’s new in the Galaxy Life Update?

Version 0.54 brings a small but key update for Galaxy Life. We are happy to announce that the time and effort spent in improving the game security is already making a big difference and feedback shows that cheaters activity is decreasing and after the new protection included in this version, they have certainly their days counted.

Who is the best assassin in the Gaia universe?

The High Arbiter Aizen (Anima: Beyond Fantasy) is possibly the best assassin in all Gaia, dispatching his targets by attacking them from the shadows and other planes of existence. Revenant (Apex Legends) the human-turned simulacrum Assassin.

Where do starlings live in the game?

Some live in the Compact Houses or work in the Mines that you build, and when you collect from these buildings the Starlings will come out and run to the Star Base where they deliver their goods which they carry in a sack on their back.

Is the Alliance Council starlings not allowed to be clicked?

• The Academy building and the Alliance Council Starlings are not be allowed to be clicked during a NPC/wave attack. • Fixed an issue which caused a crash when the Battle Replay info was empty.