Is it hard to rent in Gympie?

Is it hard to rent in Gympie?

RENTAL vacancy rates in Gympie have plunged from almost 6 per cent in June 2011, to 0.5 per cent, making it most likely the toughest rental market in Queensland. What this means is that finding a place to rent in Gympie is hard, and rents are going up because of the high demand for what is available.

Is Gympie a good investment?

Gympie town As Gympie Regional Realty Principal John Cochrane says, Gympie is a solid area which is self-supporting and that attracts investors to the area. “It is definitely the right place to get a good start in real estate,” he said.

Is Gympie booming?

Gympie is in the midst of growth! While the property market throughout Australia has been a bit sluggish of late, real estate experts predict that the Queensland property market is set to boom, with an influx of residents coming in and settling from our southern states.

Is Gympie a good place to live?

Gympie is a great town to live. Lots of sport, beautiful public spaces and fantastic people. Gympie is a great place to bring up children. Excellent options for childcare, schooling, sport and hobbies for families and children.

Why is Gympie called Helltown?

Like most places in Australia not sophisticated enough for a heroin problem, Gympie is a deadset mecca for meth. The town’s reputation for crime is so widespread that it has become known as ‘Helltown’ (though in true Gympie style, this term was coined by a convicted paedophile writing in a porno mag).

What is the population of Gympie 2021?

The Estimated Resident Population of Gympie Regional Council was 52,935 as of the 30th June 2020. The Estimated Resident Population (ERP) is the official population of the area. It is updated annually by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, and reassessed every Census.

What are the best suburbs in Gympie?

Below we breakdown how the real estate is performing in eight key areas in the region: (Click the link below each for more detail).

  1. Gympie City. Tim and Harry Cole gold panning at The Sands, on the banks of the Mary River in Gympie.
  2. Southside.
  3. Rainbow Beach.
  4. Tin Can Bay.
  5. Cooloola Cove.
  6. Mary Valley.
  7. West Gympie.
  8. North Gympie.

What is the main industry in Gympie?

The Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing industry had the largest number of total registered businesses in Gympie Regional Council, comprising 26.2% of all total registered businesses, compared to 8.8% in Queensland.

Does Gympie have a high crime rate?

Yes Gympie is quiet safe, Gympie is a lovely little place that has no more crime than anywhere else I have lived, I have been here for 14 years and would not want to live anywhere else. Gympie is only 45 min to the Sunshine Coast and Rainbow Beach and less than 2 houres to Brisbane.

What Gympie famous for?

gold field
Gympie is famous for its gold field. It contains a number of historic buildings registered on the Queensland Heritage Register.

Is Gympie a mining town?

Famous gold mining town known as ‘The Town That Saved Queensland’. It does: Mary Street is the centre of the town and is noted for its shady trees and broad shopping boulevarde. …

What is the Gympie region called?

Wide Bay–Burnett region
The Gympie Region is a local government area in the Wide Bay–Burnett region of Queensland, Australia, about 170 kilometres (110 mi) north of Brisbane, the state capital. It is between the Sunshine Coast and Hervey Bay and centred on the town of Gympie….Gympie Region.

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