How much money does Lee Smith make?

How much money does Lee Smith make?

Lee Smith signed a 3 year, $9,000,000 contract with the Buffalo Bills, including $4,400,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $3,000,000….Current Contract.

Contract: 3 yr(s) / $9,000,000
Signing Bonus
Average Salary $3,000,000
Total Guarantees $4,400,000
Guaranteed at Signing $4,400,000

Who does Lee Smith play football for?

Atlanta Falcons#85 / Tight end
Lee Smith/Current teams

What is a cap salary in football?

A salary cap limits how much money a team can spend in any given year. However, the salary cap is not a reflection of how much cash a team can spend in that season. The salary cap is comprised of several elements of a player’s contract, and teams can restructure contracts to get under the salary cap.

Who is the highest paid player on the bills?

The moment Buffalo Bills fans everywhere have been waiting for came at exactly 1 p.m. Friday. That’s when the team announced star quarterback Josh Allen had signed a massive, six-year contract extension that makes him the highest-paid professional athlete in Buffalo sports history.

How much is a Lee Smith baseball card worth?

Lee Smith Baseball Trading Card Values

1980 TCMA Wichita Aeros #12 Lee Smith $30.53
1990 Topps #495 Lee Smith $0.34
1990 Topps Stickers #262 Lee Smith $0.34
1990 Topps Tiffany #495 Lee Smith $1.05
1990 Topps Traded #118T Lee Smith $0.34

How fast was Lee Smith fastball?

Smith was an intimidating figure on the pitcher’s mound at 6 feet 6 inches (1.98 m) and 265 pounds (120 kg) with a 95-mile-per-hour (150 km/h) fastball.

Does signing bonus count against cap?

Signing Bonuses This is guaranteed money that is given to the player and is given regardless of whether or not the player stays with the team. This guaranteed money still counts against the cap, but not the way you might think.

What is a dead cap hit?

In the NFL the term is used to describe money that counts against a team’s salary cap attributed to players who were prematurely traded or released from the roster relative to their contract.

What is Sean McDermott salary?

Sean McDermott Salary How much does Sean McDermott earn? Buffalo Bills head coach, Sean McDermott earns an annual salary of $8 million.

Who has the longest contract on the Bills?

Josh Allen
Buffalo pro sports’ richest contracts: Josh Allen now tops the list – by a lot

Athlete Team Total value
1. Josh Allen Bills $258 million
2. Marcell Dareus Bills $96.6 million
3. Mario Williams Bills $96 million
4. Tyrod Taylor Bills $90 million

When did Bruce Sutter Retire?

In the mid-1980s, Sutter began to experience shoulder problems, undergoing three surgeries before retiring in 1989. Sutter was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2006, his 13th year of eligibility.