How do you maintain a Colorbond roof?

How do you maintain a Colorbond roof?

Maintain COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel

  1. Wash the surface with a mild solution of pure soap or mild non-abrasive kitchen detergent in warm water.
  2. Application should be with a sponge, soft cloth or soft bristle nylon brush, and should be gentle to prevent shiny spots.

Is BlueScope Steel Colorbond?

BlueScope’s newly improved COLORBOND® steel with Activate® technology has been included in the National Construction Code (NCC) and applicable Australian Standards, ensuring it meets or exceeds Australian building standards.

Can you pressure wash Colorbond?

Pressure Washing It’s possible to rent or use an at-home pressure washer; however, the devices need to be the correct regulation for Colorbond materials. Generally speaking, an at-home pressure washer will not provide as thorough as clean as a professional roofing service will.

How long should a Colorbond roof last?

30 years
Colorbond roofing’s durability means that it is easy to maintain and long-lasting. Simply washing it with water every so often is enough to maintain its look. If maintained properly, your Colorbond roof can last at least 30 years.

Do you need to clean colorbond roof?

Colorbond® Roof Cleaning It is important to note that most metal roofing paint warranties don’t cover excessive chalking in the presence of pollutants, so it is important to regularly clean your roof. “Cleaning your Colorbond® roof once a year will maintain it well and keep it looking great“ Chris Martin, DJL Services.

Is BlueScope Steel Australian made?

Our steelworks at Port Kembla – in New South Wales’ Illawarra region – is the largest steel production facility in Australia. With an annual production capacity of approximately 3.0 million tonnes of crude steel it manufactures slab, hot rolled coil and plate products.

Can you use sugar soap on colorbond?

The COLORBOND® steel or ZINCALUME® steel surface should be thoroughly rinsed with clean water immediately after cleaning to remove traces of detergent. Never use abrasive or solvent type cleaners (e.g. turps, petrol, kerosene, paint thinners, sugar soap) on COLORBOND® steel or ZINCALUME® steel surfaces.

Does colorbond fade?

The short answer to the question, “does Colorbond fade?” is that yes, eventually it does. But the good news is that it’s still more colourfast than most other roofing materials and there are a steps you can take to minimise how much your roofing fades.

How much does it cost to replace a roof with Colorbond?

Colorbond roofing typically ranges from $18 to $36.50 per sheet, subjective to your choice in sheeting. You can expect to pay anywhere from $18,000 to $24,000 for new colorbond roof. Colorbond roofing typically ranges from $18 to $36.50 per sheet, subjective to your choice in sheeting.

How do you extend the life of a metal roof?

4 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Metal Roof

  1. Inspecting the Roof Two Times a Year. To maintain and extend the life of your metal roof, make sure that it is clean.
  2. Check for Loose Fasteners On the Metal Roof.
  3. Loose Sealants and Stack Flashings (Boots) Maintenance.
  4. Call in a Roof Professional.

What is the maintenance life of Colorbond® steel and zincalume® steel?

If cared for in accordance with these instructions, your building components made from COLORBOND® prepainted steel and ZINCALUME® steel will give many years of low maintenance life. This information is intended as a guide only. For more information, please see Technical Bulletin TB 04 – Maintenance of COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel.

Is BlueScope a registered trade mark?

COLORBOND® steel, Thermatech®, Activate®, BlueScope, the BlueScope brand mark and ® colour names are registered trade marks of BlueScope Steel Limited. “The colours of Australia since 1966™” and ™ colour names are trade marks of BlueScope Steel Limited.

Why choose BlueScope Steel?

With Bluescope’s heritage of manufacturing steel products and innovations spanning more than 130 years, to date, our global partnerships, networks and brands have strengthened at its core, allowing us to prosper in widely diverse markets. Conveys beauty that captivates and strength that protects, in iconic structures. ABOUT COLORBOND® STEEL

What is BlueScope matt paint technology?

Utilizing BlueScope’s matt paint technology, the matt finishes exhibit a softer, more subtle look in a range of COLORBOND® steel’s colours. Specular or diffuse reflection can be quantified in Gloss Unit (G.U).