How do you get to the secret Cliff bridge lookout?

How do you get to the secret Cliff bridge lookout?

Walk left down the main road for about 25 minutes. It is one straight road (flat/slightly downhill walk) to the start of the Sea Cliff Bridge. Alternatively you can get off at the stop earlier – Coalcliff, but it is an almost 1 hour walk to get to the entrance of the lookout from here.

How long is Sea Cliff Bridge walk?

13.7 mile
Sea Cliff Bridge is a 13.7 mile loop trail located near Austinmer, New South Wales, Australia that offers scenic views and is good for all skill levels.

How do I get to Sea Cliff Bridge?

The Sea Cliff Bridge is accessible via public transport. Coalcliff station has trains running seven days a week. There is a steep incline from the train station to the bridge; the walk will take approximately 15 minutes from station to bridge. Bus stops are located on either side of the Sea Cliff Bridge.

How old is the Sea Cliff Bridge?

17c. 2005
Sea Cliff Bridge/Age

Is the sea cliff bridge lookout illegal?

Although the path I mention isn’t illegal, it’s not to say that it’s a well trodden on track or safe. Do not go the the illegal way to the Sea Cliff Bridge Lookout by the train tracks, you’ll be fined at least $400 if you’re caught doing do! You can get to Sea Cliff Bridge by train!

How do you walk under the sea cliff bridge?

Directions: As for B6, but instead of crossing the road to the escarpment side and ascending the concrete spillway at the pine tree cove, turn left, jump over the fence and head down a broad, easy track to the coastal rock shelf below, then follow the bridge pylons around to beneath the southern end of the Sea Cliff …

How do you walk under the Sea Cliff Bridge?

Who built the Sea Cliff Bridge?

Barclay Mowlem

Sea Cliff Bridge
Constructed by Barclay Mowlem Construction
Construction end 9 December 2005
Construction cost A$52 million
Inaugurated 11 December 2005 by Morris Iemma, NSW Premier

Where is Sea Cliff Bridge in NSW?

Sea Cliff Bridge/Location

Who named the Sea Cliff Bridge?

Makenzie Russell
The Sea Cliff Bridge was named by Makenzie Russell, who at the time was an eleven-year-old student, following a naming competition opened to local primary school students….

Sea Cliff Bridge
Total length 455.6 metres (1,495 ft) (Sea Cliff Bridge) 210 metres (690 ft) (Lawrence Hargrave Drive Bridge)

How long did it take to build the Sea Cliff Bridge?

The design and construction process on the overall project took nearly two years, with the opening ceremony officially held on 1 December 2005, nearly three months ahead of schedule.

Can you get under the sea cliff bridge?

How to get under the sea cliff bridge. There is a beach nearby you can go to after this climb. Just keep walking ahead after the bridge (10 more minutes) or drive further away from the end of the bridge.

How long is the Sea Cliff Bridge in Sydney?

The 665 metre long Sea Cliff Bridge is a highlight along the Grand Pacific Drive – A drive which takes in 140 kilometres worth of coastal scenery from the Royal National Park, Loftus down to Nowra. …

How do I find parking on the Sea Cliff Bridge?

Find parking on the Clifton side and walk towards the bridge. Heading north on the bridge on the left side of the road you will see a white sign with black writing with “Sea Cliff bridge” written in it. In front of this sign there is a small parking bay.

What makes the Sea Cliff Bridge so special?

The bridge has become an icon to the people of Wollongong and the world, once again welcoming tourists annually to this picturesque coastal road. Opened in December 2005, the Sea Cliff Bridge offers visitors the chance to get out of the car and stretch their legs.

Where are the bus stops at Sea Cliff Bridge?

Bus stops are located on either side of the Sea Cliff Bridge. Premier Illawarra Bus Number Two provides services Monday to Saturday (not available on public holidays). For train and bus time tables please refer to Sydney trains and Premier Illawarra Buses.