How do I replay TCP Traffic?

How do I replay TCP Traffic?

How to record and replay TCP traffic

  1. Record TCP traffic with tcpdump to pcap file.
  2. View captured traffic tcpdump -qns 0 -X -r app-traffic.pcap.
  3. Edit source IP so that it’s on your own network.
  4. Replay traffic with tcplivereplay from recorded pcap file (note step #3)

How do I use Tcpreplay?

tcpreplay —> send packets : takes a pcap file and replays it as is. If you have 1 flow between two IP addresses, it will replay that….Control and replay network traffic with tcpreplay.

# tcpreplay -i eth0 sample.pcap replay a given pcap as it was captured
#tcpreplay –loop=0 -i eth0 sample.pcap To replay the sample.pcap forever or until CTRL-C is pressed

What is the tool Tcpreplay?

Tcpreplay is a suite of free Open Source utilities for editing and replaying previously captured network traffic. Originally designed to replay malicious traffic patterns to Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems, it has seen many evolutions including capabilities to replay to web servers.

How do I install Tcpreplay on Linux?

Simple directions for Unix users

  1. sudo apt-get install build-essential libpcap-dev.
  2. ./configure make sudo make install.
  3. sudo make test.
  4. ./configure –with-netmap=/home/fklassen/git/netmap make sudo make install.

How do you replay packet capture?

To replay a packet capture:

  1. On the Classic tab, in the Tools group, click Replay Packet Buffer.
  2. Dial displays—the left dial displays the speed (packets per second) of the buffer as it is being replayed.
  3. This pane displays totals transmitted for the replay, bit rates, and animation to show that a replay is in progress.

What is UDP replay?

udpreplay is a tool to replays UDP packets from a pcap dump. Instead of providing a pcap file, one can provide a number, which is used as a packet size (specifically, the UDP payload size), and generates an infinite stream of packets (or a finite stream if –repeat is used).

How do I speed up Tcpreplay?

Use –mbps in favor of –pps option. If you use –pps also use –pps-multi=X* to cause tcpreplay send multiple packets each sleep cycle. Use –topspeed or –mbps=0 . This is always the fastest way to send packets.

What is packet modification?

Packet Editing is the modification of created or captured packets. This involves modifying packets in manners which are difficult or impossible to do in the Packet Assembly stage, such as modifying the payload of a packet.

How do I install Tcpreplay on my Mac?


  1. To install tcpreplay, run the following command in macOS terminal (Applications->Utilities->Terminal) sudo port install tcpreplay Copy.
  2. To see what files were installed by tcpreplay, run: port contents tcpreplay Copy.
  3. To later upgrade tcpreplay, run: sudo port selfupdate && sudo port upgrade tcpreplay Copy.

How do I replay a pcap file?

To replay your own packet capture data, simply add any number of files containing libpcap formatted packet capture data to /opt/pcap-replay. The files must end with the . pcap extension. To pick up newly installed files, simply restart the service.

How do you play a Wireshark capture?

  1. The first step is to download and install the Colasoft packet player. This is a free.
  2. The data capture. Open Wireshark and select the correct network adapter that you wish.
  3. Open the Colasoft packet player software and set it up to play your.
  4. a. Select the adapter on which to play back the file.
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How do I use Colasoft packet Player?

Open the Start button of Windows and choose All Programs. Click the Colasoft Packet Player from the Colasoft Capsa application….command from the Start button of Windows, input PktPlayer.exe command and click the Enter key.

  1. Adapter.
  2. Packet File.
  3. Bust Mode.
  4. Loop Sending.
  5. Delay Between Loops.
  6. Total Packets.
  7. Packets Sent.
  8. Progress.

What is Tcpreplay command in Linux?

tcpreplay [ -flag [ value ]]… [ –opt-name [ [=| ] value ]]… tcpreplay is a tool for replaying network traffic from files saved with tcpdump or other tools which write pcap (3) files. This manual page briefly documents the tcpreplay command.

How do I customize replay settings in Tcpreplay?

The tcpreplay command offers various options to customize replay settings (e.g., speed, duration, performance). To loop through a pcap file 100 times: $ sudo tcpreplay –loop=100 –intf1=eth0 final.pcap To cache a pcap file in RAM after the first time, so that subsequent loops do not incur disk I/O latency:

What is Tcpreplay-edit?

tcpreplay-edit [ -flags] [ -flag [ value ]] [ –option-name [ [=| ] value ]] tcpreplay is a tool for replaying network traffic from files saved with tcpdump or other tools which write pcap (3) files.

How does Tcpreplay decide which packets to send?

By default, tcpreplay will send packets based on the size of the “snaplen” stored in the pcap file which is usually the correct thing to do. However, occasionally, tools will store more bytes then told to.