How do I become a wastewater operator in Ontario?

How do I become a wastewater operator in Ontario?

Before you can become a Class 1-4 wastewater operator, you must first get your Operator-in-training (OIT) licence….Become an operator-in-training

  1. have an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent.
  2. pass the OIT exam.
  3. apply for a OIT licence.

How do you study for the wastewater exam?

Instead, use these five tips to ace your math questions and pass your operator exam.

  1. Read questions thoroughly before looking at data.
  2. Use Davidson pie diagrams.
  3. Don’t mix units for detention time formulas.
  4. Use units in the formula as clues.
  5. Breathe.

How do I become a water treatment operator in Canada?

Employment requirements College or industry training courses in chemistry, pollution control or related subjects are required. Certification in water treatment and distribution (Levels I, II, III or IV depending on the certification level of the plant) is required for water treatment plant operators.

What is OIT exam?

Exam Prep Review for Operator-in-Training (OIT): Water Treatment and Distribution (WT-11-CT): This five-day course prepares participants to write and pass the Operator-in-Training for Water Treatment and Water Distribution licensing examinations.

How do I get water treatment experience?

There are three major things that you must do to get certified:

  1. You must take courses in wastewater treatment plant operations. The number and difficulty depend on the certificate grade you want.
  2. You must pass a written exam.
  3. You must meet experience requirements and submit a fee and an application for a certificate.

How many questions are on the OIT exam?

In addition to 40 general questions, the OIT exam consists of four sections or modules: Water Treatment, Water Distribution/Supply, Wastewater Treatment and Wastewater Collection.

What is water technician?

A water technician works in the water treatment industry. It’s their job to maintain and repair all equipment to ensure good water quality. Some water technicians work primarily in a water treatment plant while others work mostly in the field to test drinking water at various locations.

What is the Ontario water and waste water certification office?

The Ontario Water and Waste Water Certification Office administers exams and certification on behalf of the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks. You must also bring the following items to the exam or you will not be allowed to write it on your scheduled date:

What is the Class 1 and 2 wastewater collection operator course?

The course consists of information that meets the “Need to Know” criteria for Class 1 and 2 Wastewater Collection operators in Ontario. The course contents also clarify legislative requirements and best operation and maintenance practices for wastewater collection and pumping systems.

What is the ABC exam for wastewater treatment in Ontario?

Ontario has adopted ABC standardized exams for: Water Treatment and Water Distribution and Supply (Class 1 to 4) Wastewater Treatment and Wastewater Collection (Class 1 to 4) The water quality analyst, water distribution, limited subsystem and operator-in-training exams continue to use current Ontario exam content.

What is a Class 1 to 4 drinking water certificate?

Operators who hold the applicable Class 1 to 4 drinking water certificates and drinking water Operators-in-Training working under the supervision of an Overall-Responsible-Operator or Operator-in-Charge, can operate limited systems as well. Certification is required by regulations 170/03 and 128/04 of the Safe Drinking Water Act.