Hi, I'm Lucy

A freelance journalist (and blogger) based in London.

I started Wanderluce back in 2014 after blogging under different guises for a couple of years. I was bored, working full time whilst travelling and desperate for somewhere to flex my creative muscles.

Wanderluce started as a pure travel blog, but since being based back in London (& having a baby) I write for a very specific niche audience of female creatives, looking to have children interested in stylish travel.

I'm now a full-time jobbing journalist (have a look at my portfolio) and manage this blog alongside that. Alongside that, I did various jobs as a 'digital nomad' such as editing, copywriting, social media management......you name it, I've tried it.


I don't know about you, but it took me about 20 years to end up in my dream job. I went all around the houses after uni, only to end up where I wanted to be aged five. Which is why I'm super passionate about helping others do the same.

Whether you want to be a blogger, and kick your 9-5 to the kerb so you can travel the world for a living or try your hand at freelance writing: I am all ears, and happy to share any and all of my knowledge. I even started the What She Said podcast just for you :)

I believe there's far too much noise out there in the blogosphere telling you what you should be doing to be successful. I call BS on the majority of it. I think you can basically ignore quite a lot of it, because success looks completely different to every single one of you and, breaking news: we are all unique. End of.

Which is why I share lots of tips and tricks, and why I'm happy to answer every last Tweet, email and Instagram message I'm sent. It's also why I started my blog coaching business.

I'm always learning and I'm no expert -- two of the things you'll hear me say A LOT.

Come and say hello on PinterestInstagram or Twitter or drop me an email.

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